Anyone who has ever owned a bearded dragon can attest to one thing: They love a good place to hang. Although this lizard is a little more active than most, they still like to spend large amounts of time hanging on vines, walls, and (of course) hammocks.

In this article, we will examine seven of the best lizard hammocks that we could find online. By doing so, we hope that we can help you to choose the best bearded dragon hammock for your scaly friend.

We will evaluate these products and choose the best bearded dragon hammock in terms of price, durability, lizard appeal, and overall quality.

7. Wuhostam Lizard Lounger

Wuhostam Lizard Lounger

This is a nice long hammock that makes an excellent bridge for those who like to set up their cages with multiple levels or a water feature. This thing is made of all-natural fibers and has a rough texture so that your bearded dragon can easily grip its surface.

The large size of this hammock is great for larger subspecies of beardie, but it does take up a lot of room in the cage.

  • Very large
  • Excellent grip for the lizard
  • Makes an excellent bridge
  • Complicated assembly
  • Takes up a lot of room

6. Aiicioo Reptile Lounger

Aiicioo Reptile Lounger

This one is similar to number 7, but it’s a little bit longer and significantly thicker. The reinforced fibers will probably hold up very well over the long haul. However, this one does cost a few dollars more.

The only problem is the weight. Because it is so thick and reinforced, this thing is a little bit too heavy for its suction cups and requires extra reinforcement.

  • Thick and durable
  • All-natural seagrass fibers
  • Very long
  • Slightly expensive
  • A little too heavy for its suction cups

5. Penn Plax Lizard Lounger

Penn Plax Lizard Lounger

This hammock is specifically designed for corner placement, and it does its job quite well. It even provides a ramp, making it totally independent of other features. As for cost, this is one of the cheapest on our list in spite of its thick and durable construction.

Some may find it to be a little on the small side, though, and its specialized design might not fit every kind of setup. Still, this is probably the best bearded dragon hammock for those who want a compact corner hammock.

  • Perfect for corner placement
  • Extremely cheap
  • Provides its own ramp
  • Not that large
  • May not work with all setups

4. Zoo-Med Repti-Hammock

Zoo-Med Repti-Hammock

This is a small, cheap, and basic hammock. If you want a bare-bones model that costs almost nothing, this is the one. It takes up very little room in the hammock but is still large enough for most beardies.

Also, the stretchy fabric is probably more comfortable for the lizard. The only real problem we see is the thin mesh material, which might be ripped and torn by your lizard’s claws.

  • Takes up very little room
  • Dirt cheap
  • Stretchy hammocks are more comfortable
  • Very small
  • Not that durable

3. Niteangle Bearded Dragon Lounger

Niteangle Bearded Dragon Lounger

This is the thickest and most reinforced hammock we have seen yet. It’s a large corner hammock that won’t work too well in smaller tanks. Since it isn’t very flexible, it can be used only one way.

However, it’s very easy to install and is made of safe and natural seaweed fibers. We do recommend using an extra suction cup or two for this one due to its weight.

  • Very strongly reinforced
  • Easy to install
  • Larger than most corner hammocks
  • Thick and heavy
  • No good for smaller tanks

2. Pivby Bearded Dragon Hammock Kit

Pivby Bearded Dragon Hammock Kit

This is a kit consisting of a hammock and two climbing vines, complete with faux foliage. It gives the lizard extra places to climb and adds a certain visual appeal. Of course, the bearded dragon is a desert lizard, so this might not go well with a desert-themed enclosure.

We do like the money-back guarantee, although the hammock looks pretty tough anyway. The hammock itself is a little small, but still large enough for most.

  • Comes with vines and foliage
  • Adds visual appeal
  • Money back guarantee
  • A little expensive
  • Doesn’t fit a desert theme

1. Petuol Bearded Dragon Hammock Set

Petuol Bearded Dragon Hammock Set

This is another kit, and it’s even more extensive. It’s definitely the best bearded dragon hammock for those who want to maximize climbing space. Along with the vines, you get some faux branches and leaves that really do give you a lot of creative room.

Everything seems durable enough, and the hammock is large but flexible to give you more choices for positioning. This is the most expensive item on our list, however, and it also does not fit with a desert theme

  • Larger hammock
  • More vines
  • Strongly built
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Doesn’t fit a desert theme


Although all of these hammocks are sufficient to do the job, the best bearded dragon hammock is option number one. Although the Petuol is the most expensive hammock on our list, it is still quite cheap overall.

Any bearded dragon owner should be able to afford this, and we chose it as the best bearded dragon hammock for good reason. Bearded dragons love to explore, and this kit will give them more places to do just that.

Besides that, it will add visual appeal to your cage. If you feel that we have forgotten anything in this brief article, feel free to comment below.