We have written the following privacy policy as to inform you about how we collect, store and use information that pertains to you as our website’s user.

We, through the present policy, we invite readers to read and take note of it. We hereby take the liberty to change the current guideline at all times we consider doing so without any prior notification. Any and all changes that will take place will go into effect immediately. As such, we kindly invite you to return to this page as often as possible to see what, if any, modifications were done. We do not assume any responsibility for any type of damage that might occur due to not reading our policy.

Information We May Collect

There are different types of information that we collect from users whenever they visit our website. That information can be divided into two distinct categories: personally-identifiable information and non-personal identifiable information.

Personally-Identifiable Information

This information is a type of personal information through which we, as administrators of the website, can identify you as an individual. It includes the following: full name, physical address and/or e-mail address, phone number, gender, and workplace.

Acquiring Personally-Identifiable Information

Under no circumstance whatsoever, we do not collect this information. And if we will do have to collect it, we will ask for your consent. As such, we will require personally identifiable information only in these particular situations: when you sign up for our newsletter, when creating an account on our website or when commenting/ posting on our forums.

Note: The comments section on our website is public. And as such, even though we review comments before posting them, we ask you not to provide personal information in your comments. This includes the aforementioned: full name, home address, location, phone number or e-mail address.

Non-Personal Information

Non-personally identifiable information cannot be used, in any way, to identify you. It is also known as “log files.” These log files are created whenever your visit our website and include: IP address, browser type, time and date of access, and the page from which you exited the website.