Cats have been around for thousands of years and were once worshiped as Gods. So it makes sense that your modern-day, domesticated cat expects to be treated like royalty too. You want to show your mighty felines that you adore them. So what better way to do this than by offering them a new, cat-friendly tree that will keep them entertained and happy? To help you treat your kitties like the royals they are, we’ve made a list of the best cat tree and condo options you can get for them!

Their durability, quality, buyer reviews, and usefulness are among the factors we considered when assessing and selecting the products for this article. Is her Highness ready to purr an approval?

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10. Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower Condo with Scratching Post

Best Cat Tree Picks

 Ideal for: All Small, Medium, and Large-Size Cats 

This Yaheetech cat tree tower condo scratching tree condo is a great option for a multi-cat household. It is a multi level cat tower that features two hideaway houses and three top platform perches.

You get a sisal rope attachment and also two interactive balls so your cats will have loads of fun.

Thanks to its lively design, a cat (or more) could likely spend all their day in this tree and not get bored. Play, rest, scratch, this cat tree has them all!

  • Reinforced base for added stability and sturdiness
  • Two interactive balls and sisal rope included
  • Made with high quality and protective materials
  • Several cat owners claim this tree is much smaller than advertised
  • Some consider it difficult to assemble

9. New Cat Condos Large Cat Play Perch

New Cat Condos Large Cat Play Perch

 Ideal for: Large-Size Cats and Multi Cats Households 

Larger cats will love this cat perch tree, probably almost as much as owners do when they find out that it comes fully assembled.

Handcrafted in the U.S.A., this simple yet large cat tree should be ready to use right out of the box.

It is made of solid wood and uses household grade carpet for added comfort.

This cat tree condo combo comes in multiple color combinations and also includes an unoiled sisal rope.

  • Great for multi cat households
  • Stable, solid, and simple to use
  • Fully assembled and made in the U.S.
  • Some cat owners weren’t pleased with the carpet

8. AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts

AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts

 Ideal for: All Cats 

Most cats love lounging and this cat tree from AmazonBasics offers just that and many more beside it!

This cat tower is a triple-platform structure that features seven scratching posts, all of them wrapped in jute. Also, the round top platform with its curved rim and sides can serve as a cat bed too.

Owners can also rest assured that they won’t have to work too hard to put it together. You will simply have to screw it together to assemble it. All the instructions and tools are included in the pack.

  • Triple platform with scratching posts
  • Simple assembly process
  • Stable base that ensures its sturdiness and stability
  • Some cat owners consider it hard to put together
  • The carpet might come with a strong odour

7. EliteField Cat Tree Scratcher Condo House

EliteField cat tree scratcher furniture condo

 Ideal for: All Small, Medium, and Large-Size Cats 

The EliteField Tree and Scratcher comes with three stair-like pedestals, so your cat can easily climb them to reach the throne-like seat waiting for it at the top.

Don’t let its aspect fool you, though. This tree structure also includes 3 sisal scratching spots throughout the climb that will surely make for one busy cat.

You should also take a look at the tree’s other height and design models too.

  • Adjustable height
  • Different surface materials to stimulate your cat
  • Simple to put together (all the parts are labeled and it included the tools + assembly instructions)
  • Slightly complicated to set up, according to several reviews (but this might depend on the model)
  • The scratchboard might not last that long and the tree itself can seem flimsy

6. Trixie Altea Tree

Trixie Altea cat tree

 Ideal for: Laid-back Cats that Like to Lounge and Small Apartments 

This Trixie pet product is built with 3 alternate levels for easy climbing. Its top tier has extra padding, so your kitty will enjoy lounging on it too once it gets bored of exploring.

There’s also a dangling “pom-pom” toy for additional playtime, along with several sisal rope scratching posts to keep your cat’s claws in perfect condition.

Trixie’s Altea tree comes in 4 color schemes, so it is easy to fit in any decor.

It could very well be the best cat tree for a more comfortable (cough~lazy~cough) feline thanks to the way it’s built.

  • Alternate tiers for easy climbing
  • Soft, plush covering with an extra padded top platform
  • Five scratching posts for sharpening those claws
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • The small base makes this tree a little unstable and wobbly, and possibly prone to toppling over
  • Plush covering prone to tears
  • Might break down sooner and easier than expected

Perfectly sharpened claws, and furniture intact? Perfectly possible if you take a look and select a good cat scratching post.

fluffy grey cat looking at a fluffy ball on a rope

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5. Kitty City Steel Claw Mega Kit

Kitty City steel claw mega cat tree kit

 Ideal for: Small, Medium, and Large-Size Cats 

The Kitty City Claw kit can well be the best cat tree for larger houses with multiple feline inhabitants under its roof thanks, in part, to its modular design.

It is made with durable fleece and heavy-duty tear-resistant fabric for rambunctious pets.

Almost each and every one of its multiple levels has engaging toys attached to it.

These should help burn off excess energy, so its a great tree structure for playful kittens and energetic and hyperactive cats (there are such felines too, you know).

Also, the Mega Kit Kitty City has hammocks and condos that make for plush, comfortable resting places.

Its modular design also lets you to add other compatible modular products from the company, to make this tree even more interactive.

  • Multiple cats can use it simultaneously
  • Heavy-duty joints make for a sturdy structure
  • Modular design (with extra models available) that you can adapt to fit your home
  • Easy to move around and clean, and lightweight
  • Perfect for exploring, scratching, jumping, playing, hiding, or just lounging around
  • Several users complained about its Velcro
  • Reviewers claimed that their product broke apart much sooner than expected

4. BestPet Cat Tree Scratcher Play House Condo

BestPet cat tree scratcher play house condo furniture bed

 Ideal for: Small, Medium, and Large-Size Cats 

This interactive tree stands 73 inches tall and features pedestals and condos at various levels. It has ramps for easy access to all its features.

Also, it is covered by a soft material that makes it perfect for playing or just lounging around.

The condos come in two different sizes (medium and small) so furballs of all sizes can use them.

Senior or larger cats might find it harder to reach them because of the way the pedestals are stacked.

All in all, this is among the best cat tree and scratcher condos for kittens or small cats who like climbing, exploring, and playing at different heights.

  • Stable and durable E1 Grade Pressed Wood construction
  • Multiple condos and pedestals at different heights and sizes
  • Great for exercising, exploring, scratching, playing or just lounging on
  • Complicated setup
  • Might be smaller and of lower quality than expected

Looking for some great cat condos, but unsure what to choose? Then take a look at our selection of condos, you might find it easier to choose this way 🙂

grey cat sitting in a grey condo

Photo by Taylor Ruecker on Unsplash

3. FurHaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree

FurHaven Tiger tough cat house furniture tree

 Ideal for: All Small, Medium, and Large-Size Cat 

The FurHaven Tree is designed with 6 different levels and includes steps, pedestals, and a condo for security.

This cat tree house is covered in a soft material and comes with a hanging rope for playing and scratching too.

It also includes an additional flexible spring wand and an interactive toy to keep your pet entertained for hours.

All these extra toys and features will surely keep kittens and young cats active.

Rest assured, FurHaven didn’t forget about senior felines.

Elderly cats will enjoy it as well because this tree was specially designed for easy passage from one level to another.

  • Comes with a comfy and cozy cat house perfect for privacy and naps
  • It only takes a few minutes to assemble it (instructions included)
  • Simple to clean – you can wash or blot spots with soap or mild detergent and then air dry
  • Features a half-cup, open bed as its top post
  • Takes up more space than expected because one piece won’t allow it to go right against a wall
  • Can be rather unstable (you can secure it to a wall to prevent this)
  • Can break down (toys, part, or even the whole structure) according to several reviews

2. Go Pet Club Cat Furniture

Go Pet club cat tree furniture

 Ideal for: Kittens and Smaller Cats 

This durable, budget-friendly Go Pet Club cat tree is made of compressed wood, uses sisal rope, and is covered in faux fur for a soft feel.

It is 52 inches tall and very sturdy.

Your cats will also get to play with two hanging toys for some extra fun and hours of entertainment. They can use the ramp for easy access to the condo portion.

Also, as the pedestals are more on the small side, this tree is best suited for kittens and small to medium-size cats (at most).

Larger-sized cats will likely have trouble perching comfortably on them.

  • Faux fur for a soft feel and comfortable design
  • Hanging toys for some extra stimulation
  • Tools and assembly instructions included
  • Likely not the easiest tree to assemble
  • Poor quality construction and ropes, according to several reviews

1. Armarkat B5701 Cat Tree Furniture Condo

Armarkat easy assembly cat furniture condo tree

 Ideal for: Kittens and Small to Medium-Size Cats 

This Armarkat cat tree is 57 inches tall – your feline will be able to watch everyone in the room while still feeling steady and safe.

It is also one of the best cat tree for relaxation picks as it is coated with soft fleece for that walking on clouds feeling. Its off-white color only strengthens this impression.

You should not have any problems fitting it in with the room’s decor either.

Besides the tree itself, felines also get to enjoy multiple pedestals and a built-in covered place that is perfect for hiding (be sure to check there when you can’t find your cat).

As it allows cats to climb and explore multiple levels, even kitten bouncing with energy will surely enjoy playing in it.

  • Adjustable height
  • Designed for durability and stability
  • Simple to assemble
  • Long-lasting scratchability ensured by its cured sisal wrapping
  • The fleece can tear at the claws of more rambunctious cats
  • Might arrive with some missing parts or with mismatched assembly holes

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Whether you have a kitten bouncing around with energy, or a cat looking to lounge around like the royals they are, you will surely find a great tree for them on this list.

This is because these structures should fulfill all their needs, from scratching to jumping, playing to hiding, or just sleeping in a nice, comfy place.

Is her highness using another tree that might be just as good, if not better, than the ones we presented? Then tell us all about it in a comment!

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