There’s a number of items that you can give your chinchilla, but not every product will be utilized. So, why spend the money on a lower-quality item that won’t even be used? One such enrichment object is a hammock.

They provide your furry friend with a safe place to sleep as well as a jumping platform. The best chinchilla hammocks can be difficult to weed out from the lower end items.

In this article, we will pinpoint the ten best chinchilla hammocks to keep your pet happy and active. Each contender is chosen based on price, quality, installment difficulty, users’ reviews, comfort, and overall safety for you and your chinchilla.

10. Hopet Small Animal Cage Hammock

Hopet Small Animal Cage Hammock

 Ideal For: Owners with small chinchillas. 

We chose this product to start off our list of the best chinchilla hammocks because of the double layer design. One side is lined with polar fleece for added warmth while the other side offers a cooler Oxford fabric during summer months.

  • The straps are adjustable to ensure that they can easily fit inside your cage.
  • This product can be washed in the washing machine for easy cleaning.
  • Each hammock can only fit around ten pounds in weight, making it not a top candidate for cages that house multiple chinchillas

9. Jocestyle Extra Large Hanging Hammock with Cashmere Owl Print

Jocestyle Extra Large Hanging Hammock

 Ideal For: Owners with more than one chinchilla. 

With a mixture of cashmere and canvas material, this hammock is made to be both comfortable and sturdy. The stainless steel hooks are easy to hang anywhere that you want for your little pet.

  • The larger size safely holds a chinchilla without breaking.
  • This product holds up decently in the washer.
  • Some reviewers have stated that the clips have been known to break, meaning that it should only be used on a smaller, less active chinchilla.

8. Faduoali Pet Cage Hammock

Faduoali Pet Cage Hammock

 Ideal For: Owners with one chinchilla. 

Most chinchilla enthusiasts advocate for a hammock that is made from fleece. This top competitor is warm and soft due to the inner fleece lining. The spring clips also make it easier to attach to a cage.

  • Less than five dollars, this fleece hammock is sold at a great value.
  • The stitching for this product has been known to last over a longer period of time.
  • Without adjustable straps, it is difficult to fit this hammock however you see fit.

7. Alfie Pet Mallory Hammock

Alfie Pet Mallory Hammock

 Ideal For: Owners with active chinchillas who like to hide. 

The best chinchilla hammocks need to be sturdy, as most pets tend to use them as a jumping obstacle. This Alfie product is made with that consideration in mind. The inner lining is made from fleece with a stronger outside canvas.

  • The added pouch makes this product unique, offering a place for your chinchilla to get away and rest.
  • This product’s straps are connected by stretchable material so that you can place it in almost any location.
  • The opening to the pouch is somewhat small and can’t fit a larger chinchilla.

6. Eonmir 2Pack Small Pet Hammock

Eonmir 2Pack Small Pet Hammock

 Ideal For: Owners with one chinchilla. 

This Eonmir pet product is listed under our list of the best chinchilla hammocks for its strong construction. The straps are made with stretchable materials while the clips are higher quality metal.

  • Since the straps are adjustable and stretchy, it is easy to attach this hammock to the inside of your chinchilla’s cage.
  • The inner fleece lining makes for a comfortable curl up spot.
  • One of the only complaints from users was that the material can be a bit too warm during the summer.

5. DYQWT Pet Cage Hammock

DYQWT Pet Cage Hammock

 Ideal For: Owners with one chinchilla. 

This hammock item was chosen for its exceptional warmth. The majority of this object is made from polyester while the inside holds faux wool for added warmth. It is also large enough for a chinchilla.

  • This product is machine washable for an easier routine cleaning.
  • Those wanting to personalize their cage can choose from nine different colors.
  • The straps can be somewhat easy for a more active and bored chinchilla to chew through.

4. Alfie Kasey Hammock

Alfie Kasey Hammock

 Ideal For: Owners with shy or less active chinchillas. 

This hammock also offers the use of a pouch for your pet, making it the most ideal for chinchillas that like to hide. It is quite comfortable, being made with a fleece inside lining.

  • As long as the hooks are protected, this hammock can be washed in a machine.
  • Spring clips allow you to attach the hammock securely and quickly to the side of the cage.
  • This hammock does tend to run a bit small.

3. Ware Manufacturing Double Fleece Hang-N-Tent Sleeper

Ware Manufacturing Double Fleece Hang-N-Tent Sleeper

 Ideal For: Owners with larger or multiple chinchillas 

This type of hammock is preferable for more active chinchillas that love to use their hanging bed as a jumping platform. The fleece and polyester lining make it comfortable and sturdy.

  • The fleece lining on the inside gives your chinchilla a soft place to rest.
  • With durable nylon straps, this product can be hung from the cage with a decreased chance of breaking.
  • Due to the shape of this hammock, it can be somewhat difficult to clean.

2. Winomo Pet Hammock

Winomo Pet Hammock

 Ideal For: Owners with one or more chinchillas. 

The Winomo pet hammock is among the best chinchilla hammocks for its durability. Unlike the previous products, this hammock is hung from high quality clips and a strong chain. Replacing the adjustable nylon straps with chain makes this item last longer.

  • The four clips are made with anti-rust and attached through a strong chain for a sturdy product.
  • This hammock is big enough to hold an average-sized chinchilla without breaking.
  • Assembling this product can be somewhat challenging to some.

1. Niteangel Luxury Double Bunkbed Hammock

Niteangel Luxury Double Bunkbed Hammock

 Ideal For: Owners with multiple chinchillas. 

Made from higher quality materials is the Niteangel Luxury Hammock. This product is meant to be spacious and comfortable, holding up to two adult ferrets or five adult rats at a single moment.

  • This hammock is easy to simply throw in the washing machine.
  • The soft fabric makes this product comfortable for any small rodent.
  • It can be easier for a more active chinchilla to bite through and damage the material.


Investing in a hammock for your chinchilla will give them a place to rest and jump. You may decide to buy them one with a pouch, or simply a product lined with fleece. Either way, each product should take into consideration a number of criteria such as quality, installment, comfort, safety, and the experience from previous buyers.

Each of our top candidates are chosen as top contenders for the best chinchilla hammocks based on the overall happiness of your chinchilla.