Digging and shredding is synonymous with owning a bunny living in the home, so it is important for their owners to become familiar with the best digging and shredding toys for rabbits.

It is nearly impossible to suppress your rabbit’s instinct to dig because it is a natural instinct.

For this reason, you should purchase your bunnies acceptable and safe alternatives to keep them occupied and free from being given away or permanently caged.

Below you will find a selection of the 10 best digging and shredding toys for rabbits.

Each listing comes with a description, the toys’ pros and cons, the link on Amazon.com, and other information of special interest.

10. Pawhut Small Wooden Bunny Rabbit / Guinea Pig House

Pawhut small house

Ideal for: Small to large rabbits, or two small rabbits

This is a rabbit house that can actually fit two small rabbits.

It is a lot like the WARE construct because it is supposed to be filled with material your rabbit can dig and burrow in.

It has a roof and a walk-in ramp that makes this toy feel like more of a home for your rabbit.

Essentially, it is a home and toy wrapped up into one.


  • It is huge.
  • Provides protection from the elements while rabbits dig and burrow.
  • If you have two small rabbits, they can both enjoy playing and digging at the same time.


  • There is no shredding option that comes with the item.
  • It is the most expensive item on the list by far.
  • You have to provide the digging material, such as shredded paper, dirt or cardboard to shred and dig.

9. Natural Rabbit Chew Toys by SunGrow – Hand Woven, Safe & Edible for Rabbits, Chinchilla, Bunnies, Kittens, and Hamsters

SunGrow natural seagrass

Ideal for: Rabbits up to 3 pounds

This toy is designed to last a long time.

The product description claims several months.

It is designed to be a toss and chase toy, but rabbits seem to prefer chewing and shredding it.

The combination of uses earned its place on the list.


  • Rabbit prefer to use this toy as a shredding toy.
  • It helps to keep their teeth well formed and clean.
  • It lasts longer than most toys on the list.


  • The picture of the product is misleading.
  • The ball is about the size of a ping-pong ball.
  • The rope attachment is just a few inches.

8. WARE Rabbit Den

ware den for rabbits

Ideal for: Small to medium sized rabbits

This product is not meant to enclose your rabbit.

It can go inside of enclosures or cages though.

Many owners like to fill it with dirt or shredded paper to allow rabbits a place to dig and feel hidden.


  • It is large and sturdy.
  • Your rabbit is free to come and go.
  • It can accommodate larger pet rabbits.
  • It provides a hiding spot below and a resting spot above.


  • There is no shredding option.
  • It is large and bulky.
  • It does require some assembly.
  • The material has to be added in order for your rabbit to enjoy the digging option.
  • It is the first item on the top 10 list for best digging and shredding toys for rabbits to cost over $20.

7. Willow Branch Ball for Small Animals

Ware manufacturing willow ball

Ideal for: Rabbits up to 3 pounds

This bunny toy is another woven ball made for chewing and shredding, but it is harder to keep from rolling.

So your rabbit will get plenty of exercise out of it too.

For being so small, it comes with a lot of pros, and very few cons.


  • It is extremely inexpensive at under $3.
  • Perfect for chewing and shredding for small rabbits.
  • It is made with safe, all natural willow.


  • It is too small too put anything inside to promote digging.
  • Being small has advantages, but this toy will not last long for a rabbit that likes to shred.

6. 3Pcs Natural Seagrass Mat Handmade Woven Mat Chew Mat Toy Bed for Hamsters Rabbits Parrots

Natural Seagrass Mat

Ideal for: Rabbits up to 5 pounds

No rabbit owner buys these mats for anything other than rabbit toys.

They are the perfect consistency for shredding.

Also, for their durability, they are inexpensive.


  • These are thick mats designed to be the perfect shredding toys.
  • The order includes three mats, which means they will last a while
  • You get three long-lasting shredding mats for under $10.


  • Smaller rabbits are going to have a hard time shredding these mats, and may become frustrated.
  • Even though there are few items with a digging and shredding feature, there is no possible way to dig and burrow for your rabbit with this item.

5. Peter’s Woven Grass Pet Bed

Peters Woven grass

Ideal for: Rabbits up to 3 pounds

Owners of the natural grass basket enjoy that their rabbits get to dig into the floor because it is easy to by design.

Many buyers say the basket makes a better snack than a resting spot after their rabbits enjoy shredding it to bits.

It’s made of grass though, and that is what rabbits do to thick, woven grass.


  • It is a sturdy wire cage coated in thick, woven grass.
  • Rabbits enjoy shredding, digging and eating the floor of the bed.
  • They love to shred and eat the sides too.


  • Similar to the hide-away-hut in that an over zealous, digging rabbit might be in for a rude awakening when it reaches the wire.
  • Advertised as all natural grass, but the bottom is wire mesh.

4. Peter’s Woven Grass Hide-A-Way-Hut

Peters woven grass hideaway

Ideal for: Rabbits 4 pounds and under

Another one of Peter’s products, the Hide Away Hut makes into the top five items for the list of 10 best digging and shredding toys for rabbits.

The product description boasts this item as a hide-a-way-hut.

However, owners of the natural grass enclosure brag that their rabbits enjoy digging into the floor because it is easy to by design until they hit the wire bottom.

The rabbits also enjoy chewing and shredding the grass hut.


  • Majority of the product is woven natural grass.
  • It serves as both a digging and shredding toy, but it is designed as an enclosure.


  • It is the first product on the list for 10 best digging and shredding toys for rabbits to be over $10.
  • Advertised as all natural grass, but the bottom is wire mesh.
  • Although digging is easy for sensitive paws, an over zealous rabbit might be in for a rude awakening when it reaches the wire.

3. Peter’s Natural Woven Grass Play Ball

peters natural woven grass

Ideal for: Rabbits weighing up to 4 pounds

The woven grass ball from Peter’s brand is one of the top natural grass play balls for rabbits to push around and shred.

Because rabbits like to push it around before shredding, the small, natural grass ball is assured to provide hours of play.

It is the ideal addition to the top three best digging and shredding toys for rabbits.


  • The product is natural, which means maximum safety.
  • It is a little more durable than the other top toys.
  • It is made by a dependable and reputable manufacturer of rabbit toys.
  • For one a top 10 product for chewing and shredding, it is quite inexpensive.


  • Despite the ball being described as small, rabbits weighing in around 3 pounds or less have trouble with the larger size.
  • Product used to include a bell, which inspired more interest to chew, shred and dig inside the ball for less active or older rabbits.

2. Kaytee Chew & Treat Toy Assortment for Rabbits (5 Pack)

Kaytee chew and treat

Ideal for: Rabbits weighing up to 3 pounds

Kaytee Chew & Treat is a dependable toy maker for small animals like rabbits.

The company is an expert at creating lines of toys for each specific need for your small animal, especially rabbits.

This particular assortment of five different toys is aesthetically pleasing to people too because they look like produce.

The crunchy texting makes biting and shredding enjoyable for your rabbit, which definitely earns it a spot in the top 10 best digging and shredding toys for rabbits.


  • The crunchy texture helps trim and clean your rabbit’s teeth.
  • There are five different toys for less than $10.
  • The toys are species specific, which mean they fun because they resemble food rabbits would really eat.


  • The crunchy toys are too easy to shred through.
  • Depending on the aggressiveness of the rabbit, all of the toys can potentially be used up in a days time.

1. Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy, Trio of Fun Balls (Pack of 3)

Niteangel small animal toy

Ideal for: Shorter rabbits weighing up to 3 pounds

The creator of the item uses seagrass, rattan and water hyacinth to make them.

These handmade balls are suitable for chewing, shredding and burrowing for a number of small animals besides bunnies, so pet owners with a host of smaller, more manageable pets will be more attracted to buying this.

Typically, rabbits enjoy pushing the balls inside of their cages before beginning to shred them, so it help prevent boredom and promote coordination too.

Finally, the idea is to put litter inside of them in order to allow rabbits to dig after shredding the top layers, but food can also be placed inside to inspire bunnies that initially show no interest.


  • The toys are handmade.
  • The materials used are completely natural.
  • Absolutely no plastic, metal or glue.
  • The base is deep in order to fill it with litter to allow for digging and burrowing.
  • It is perfect for chewing and shredding on the outside
  • There are three of them.


  • The diameter is a small 2.6 inches, but because they are handmade, there is no guarantee on the size or uniformity.
  • Although being all natural is considered a pro, no glue or metal mean these are not as durable as other toys.
  • A motivated rabbit can destroy the ball in less than a day.


It is difficult to find toys for rabbits that incorporate both digging and shredding.

Once you find a good shredder, you quickly learn just how fast rabbits can destroy it.

The top three items on the best digging and shredding toys for rabbits top 10 list are outstanding in terms of safety and quality.

You may also check out other great bunny toys in our review of the best toys for rabbits.

Considering how hard rabbits can be when it comes to shredding toys, the Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy, Trio of Fun Balls (Pack of 3) is a great buy, and it comes with three items that allows for both shredding and digging, which is rare.

It is number one for a reason.

The other products are good, especially for the quality and affordable prices.

Unless you want to constantly hit DIY sites, spend money on materials and waste your time building rabbit toys and constructs, you are saving time and money shopping off of this list.