Of all the pets in the world, the ferret is one of the most fun to have around. Their endless mischief and cavorting endear them to us, and they will happily play with you from sunup to sundown. Of course, even the most rambunctious of ferrets will eventually have to lie down and take a nap. That’s why a good ferret hammock is essential.

These energetic animals play hard and rest hard, so don’t skimp out on this one. In this article, we will have a look at some of the best ferret hammocks that we could find online so that you can learn to choose the best one for you and yours.

8. Kaytee Sleeper Play Tunnel

Kaytee Sleeper Play Tunnel

This first one is more like a tube than a hammock, but that’s the beauty of the design. It makes the ferret feel very safe and protected since the hammock simulates the tunnels in which they would normally live.

The whole thing is big enough for two or three ferrets, so it’s a good choice for multiple-ferret owners. It isn’t the most efficient in terms of space, but that’s not so bad. It’s still one of the best ferret hammocks in terms of hiding space.

  • Big enough for at least two ferrets
  • Four thick straps for secure hanging
  • Machine washable
  • Takes up a lot of horizontal space

7. Marshall Pirate Ship Hammock

Marshall Pirate Ship Hammock

Yarr matey, this be a pirate ship hammock that might be just perfect for your weaselly little scallywag. It’s a hammock that is made to look like a pirate ship, with a jolly roger and everything. It has a removable bottom insert for easy cleaning, which is nice, but it would be nice if this ship were a little bigger.

Still, this hammock is a great choice for at least one of your sneaky little buccaneers. Marhsall is pretty much the number one name in ferrets, and they may have provided one of the best ferret hammocks on the market.

  • Very stylish
  • Removable bottom insert
  • Can be used for a balance game
  • Not very large or durable

6. Alfie Pet Hammock

Alfie Pet Hammock

This is a big and heavy-duty hammock that should hold at least three ferrets with no problem. It is made of thick and durable cloth that looks kind of like a bathroom towel.

Even an animal as mischievous as a ferret will have a hard time destroying this product, and we like that it can be hung from a single point to save space.

  • Very thick and durable
  • Big lower chambers
  • Can be hung from just one point
  • Not machine washable unless all clips are removed

5. Faduoali Pet Hammock

Faduoali Pet Hammock

This is a smaller and cheaper hammock, and it should be sufficient for most ferrets. This one is just a simple hammock that can be strung from four posts or two, and which has only one area in which to hang.

The best thing about this model is the thick woolen liner, but the clips on the ends of the straps are far too small to hold up over the long haul. This might be one of the best ferret hammocks for colder areas.

  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Very cheap
  • Well-suited for a small cage
  • Clips are way too small

4. Niteangel Cage Hammock

Niteangel Cage Hammock

This hammock looks really nice, as it is made from a thick material with reinforced stitching. Nothing is unbreakable, but this one looks pretty close. It also has two levels, making it kind of like a hanging bunk bed.

We would have expected this one to cost more, but the price is fair. At the same time, we’ve noticed that ferrets will rarely sit on top of this hammock, preferring the bottom bunk.

  • Multiple levels for multiple options
  • Thick fabric with good stitching
  • Recessed top for less falling
  • Ferrets will seldom use the top

3. Fulue Small Animal Hammock

Fulue Small Animal Hammock

This is another dual-level hammock, and this one looks pretty well-designed. The outside is made of denim, which does a great job of resisting claws. The inside, meanwhile, is made from a soft plush material that keeps your little mustelids nice and comfy.

The clips are nice and strong, but they forgot to include some straps with them! It’s not hard to improvise some straps, but it’s never good when a company cuts corners. Were it not for that one factor, this might be one of the best ferret hammocks of all time.

  • Made of scratch-resistant denim
  • Clips are strong enough
  • Thick on the outside, soft on the inside
  • Has no straps, only clips

2. Beangel Luxury Ferret Hammock

Beangel Luxury Ferret Hammock

This is easily one of the best ferret hammocks in terms of comfort. The thick quilted top provides a very comfortable rest, but that rest might be undermined by the fact that this hammock doesn’t give your animal any good way to hide.

Even the lower part is quite open and will fail to create a feeling of security. Still, this whole thing is well-designed and very tough. We see no annoying snag points, which add to the safety factor.

  • Quilted surface for superior comfort
  • Two levels to choose from
  • No snag or choke points
  • Doesn’t really let the ferret hide

1. Niteangel Nap Sack

Niteangel Nap Sack

This hammock is very thick and warm, giving your ferret a great place to hide. The open area in the middle can be used as a blanket, and many ferrets will use it as such.

The price is reasonable, and it’s a great choice for the winter months. We just wish the straps and clips were a little stronger.

  • Thick and warm
  • Provides an easy hiding place
  • Not expensive at all
  • Straps and clips are way too thin


Every ferret deserves a special place to hang out (literally) and rest. If you spend your whole day running around and getting into mischief, you would need a rest too! We thank you for reading all the way to the end, and we wish you and your little weasel a happy night’s rest.

Featured image credit: Freesteamer via Flickr