Ferrets are some of the most intelligent and inquisitive pets that you could choose. Few other animals have so much personality, but there is one little downside: Ferrets tend to stink. In nature, things are even worse, as these creatures produce a stink from their scent glands which is similar to that of a skunk.
Although most pet ferrets have had these glands removed, they remain an animal with a musky odor. The best way to deal with this problem is frequent bathing, and it is important to use a shampoo that is intended for ferrets.
In this article, we will examine seven popular choices so that you can find the best ferret shampoo.

7. Marshall 8-Ounce Original Shampoo with Baking Soda

Marshall 8-Ounce Original Shampoo with Baking Soda

This is a plain and simple product, but it comes from a company that specializes in ferrets and ferret products. Marshall makes a few versions of this shampoo, but this one is intended for maximum odor control.
Baking soda is a great deodorizer and bacteria killer, and it lasts quite a while. The gentle abrasion of the baking soda also does a good job of brightening the ferret’s coat and removing any discoloration.

We see only one problem here: This product is advertised as being “all-natural,” but one look at the ingredient list says otherwise.


• Trusted name
• Lasting odor control
• Removes discoloration


• Not “all-natural” as advertised

6. Kaytee Quick & Clean Critter Dry Shampoo

Kaytee Quick & Clean Critter Dry Shampoo

This one is a little different from the others, in that it is a no-rinse shampoo. You just spray it on, rub it into your ferret’s fur, and let it do its work. The liquid and most of the ingredients will evaporate, leaving only a deodorizing agent for long-lasting odor fighting.
This is some of the best ferret shampoo for ferrets who don’t like water, and owners who are short on time. At the same time, we worry that it could leave harmful residues behind.


• Requires no rinsing
• Long-lasting effect
• Very time-efficient


• May leave dangerous residue

5. PPP Pet Ferret Fresh Deodorizing Shampoo

PPP Pet Ferret Fresh Deodorizing Shampoo

This one is much simpler and more traditional. It’s just a normal shampoo with a pleasant pina colada smell. It does a good job of penetrating all the way to the skin thanks to its thin consistency, and it is formulated to help prevent and deal with tangles and matted fur.
It’s a little expensive but performs well. It might be the best ferret shampoo for general purposes, in spite of its cost.


• Meant for deep cleaning
• Pleasant smell
• Detangling formula


• A little expensive

4. Marshall Ferret Aloe Vera Shampoo

Marshall Ferret Aloe Vera Shampoo

This is very similar to the Marshall shampoo we looked at first. This one, however, contains aloe vera, a plant extract that has a soothing and moisturizing effect on the ferret’s skin. We like the pleasant eucalyptus smell, making this some of the best ferret shampoo in terms of nose appeal. A few of the ingredients look suspicious, but the product seems safe overall.


• Good for a ferret’s skin
• Eucalyptus smell
• No-tears formula


• One or two questionable ingredients

3. Pro Pet Works Oatmeal Pet Wash

Pro Pet Works Oatmeal Pet Wash

This one is truly all-natural and is made mostly from food ingredients. As such, you don’t need to have any toxicity concerns, but some owners have reported hair loss after using this product. This is most likely the result of an allergic reaction, so use with a little bit of care.
If something does go wrong, you can at least get your money back with no trouble.


• Very safe formula
• Money back guarantee
• Good for other pets too


• Some have reported hair loss

2. Eight in One FerretSheen 2-in-1 Deodorizing Shampoo

Eight in One FerretSheen 2-in-1 Deodorizing Shampoo

This is a fairly popular one, and it seems pretty safe. It fights odors with enzymes rather than using a chemical or a fragrance. It also contains some useful plant extracts such as aloe vera and jojoba oil, making it some of the best ferret shampoo for the skin and coat.
The thick consistency of this shampoo does require a little more rinsing, but it does its job well.


• Anti-odor enzymes
• Aloe vera and Jojoba oil
• Tear-free


• Kind of hard to wash out

1. Petpost Ferret Shampoo

Petpost Ferret Shampoo

This is a great all-around choice, as it offers strong deodorization, plant extracts that are good for the skin and coat, a money-back guarantee that seems pretty generous, and a set of very good reviews overall.
Still, all those ingredients increase the chance of an allergic reaction, and this is also the most expensive product on our list.


• Very good reviews
• Good for the skin and coat
• Money back guarantee


• Higher chance of allergic reaction
• Expensive


The differences between these products are a little bit subtle, as there are only so many ways to do the same thing. The skin of a ferret tends to be kind of sensitive, which limits the number of ingredients that manufacturers can use.
Still, we hope that we have given you the knowledge to choose the best ferret shampoo for your furry little friend. With a regular and effective bathing regimen, you can enjoy their company without needing to hold your nose in disgust.