Tortoises might seem boring to some people, but that’s because they don’t understand these creatures. For those of you who do enjoy the company of tortoises, we would like to offer some insight on the subject of proper feeding.
It is very important to give your tortoise the right kind of food so that they can enjoy the long lifespan for which their kind are known.
Today, we will look at 7 brands of tortoise food, in an attempt to help you find the best food for tortoise owners to buy.

7. Healthy Herp Veggie Mix Instant Meal (3.6-Ounce)

Healthy Herp Veggie Mix Instant Meal (3.6-Ounce)

This is a very simple and natural option that consists almost entirely of dehydrated fruits and vegetables. By putting them in water for a few minutes, you can easily re-hydrate this food, making it almost as good as fresh fruits and veggies.
When it comes to high nutrient value, this is definitely one of the best foods for tortoise owners to consider. It’s a little pricey than most of our others, though, and seems like it was primarily designed for lizards rather than tortoises.


• Fully natural diet
• Can be re-hydrated easily
• Very high in nutrients


• A little expensive
• Mainly made for lizards

6. Nature Zone Bites for Tortoises

Nature Zone Bites for Tortoises

This is a soft food that comes in pre-portioned bites for easy feeding. We like the fact that this food is soft and moist, as it is very easy for a tortoise to chew. For this reason, it might be the best food for tortoise owners with aging animals.
Portioning is already settled, making this very convenient stuff. However, it is kind of pricey. Also, the moist nature of this food reduces its storage life.


• Quick and convenient
• Easy to chew
• Pre-portioned


• A little expensive
• Relatively short shelf life

5. Zilla Land Turtle & Tortoise Fortified Food (6.5 Oz – 3 Pack)

Zilla Land Turtle & Tortoise Fortified Food (6.5 Oz – 3 Pack)

This is a 3-pack of tortoise pellets at a very reasonable price, so this is some of the best food for tortoise owners on a budget. The nutrients are intended to promote bright coloration of the shell and skin.
The small pellets are easy to chew and digest, but they tend to roll around and make a mess as the tortoise eats. We also see a few suspicious things on the ingredient list, but nothing that creates a serious health concern.


• Great value
• Promotes good shell color
• Small pellets for easy digestion


• A few suspicious ingredients
• Sometimes messy

4. Healthy Herp Instant Meal (Variety Pack)

Healthy Herp Instant Meal (Variety Pack)

This product could not be simpler. It’s just a bunch of dehydrated fruits and veggies in pre-portioned cups. Due to their being individually sealed, these things are not 100% dehydrated, making it easier to rehydrate them.
They also contain cactus, something that a desert tortoise eats in the wild, and which is highly nutritious. You’ll pay a little more for this one, and the portions might not be fitting for tortoises of all sizes and types.


• Re-hydrates very well
• Pre-portioned
• Contains cactus


• Expensive
• Portions aren’t perfect for all

3. Fluker’s Land Turtle Formula Tortoise Diet (7 Oz)

Fluker’s Land Turtle Formula Tortoise Diet (7 Oz)

This is a standard dry-food diet, which some tortoises really like. However, the pellets are kind of hard, so we recommend that you soften this stuff with water before giving it to your tortoise.
It’s a complete diet that provides all the nutrition they need, and it can be stored for a long time. Just don’t feed it to them without moistening, or it may be too hard on their jaws.


• Complete diet
• Lots of vitamins
• Very long shelf life


• Too hard – requires moistening

2. Rep-Cal SRP00807 Tortoise Food (3 Lbs)

Rep-Cal SRP00807 Tortoise Food (3 Lbs)

This is a bulk deal, offering three whole pounds at a reasonable price. It’s a dry pellet food, so no worries about spoilage. That is; until you add water or juice as recommended. Anything that your tortoise doesn’t eat within 24 hours must be discarded.
We see plenty of added vitamins and minerals, and a reassuring recommendation from a vet. It’s some of the best food for tortoise owners who need an affordable way to feed lots of animals.


• Veterinarian recommended
• Good value overall
• Lots of added vitamins and minerals


• Spoils quickly once moistened

1. Mazuri Tortoise LS Diet (25 Lbs)

Mazuri Tortoise LS Diet (25 Lbs)


This is a high-end brand that comes highly recommended. It’s a bulk deal, making it great for those who want to stock up, or those who own multiple tortoises. If you don’t own multiple tortoises, however, this stuff might go back before all of it is used.
We see that is has an excellent nutrient profile, including lots of antioxidants and probiotics. Antioxidants have anti-aging properties while probiotics improve the health of the gut. This is some of the best food for tortoise owners who want a trusted option in a bulk deal.


• Great for stocking up
• Lots of antioxidants
• Probiotic additives


• Might spoil before you use it all

You have plenty of options in the field of tortoise food. It would not be possible to give one recommendation that fits everyone, but we would like to add that all of these foods should be supplemented with fresh fruits and veggies whenever possible.
All fruits and vegetables will lose some of their nutrients when preserved, though most will remain. We hope that this article has been very helpful to you, and that your pet lives a long and happy life.