Owning your own hedgehog can be an enjoyable experience, mostly due to the fact that they are quiet, low maintenance, and like to sleep during the day. Did you know that hedgehogs tend to sleep an average of 18 hours per day? With such a snoozer, providing them with the best hedgehog house will keep your pet happy.

If you need assistance exploring the different options in regard to the best hedgehog house, then this article will help. We have nailed it down to our top seven candidates, reviewing them on a number of criteria. These categories include comfort, quality, durability, safety, users’ reviews, and how easy it can be to throw in the washer.

7. Mkono Small Animal Hammock House Hideout

Mkono Small Animal Hammock House Hideout

 Ideal for: Owners with one hedgehog  

Giving your hedgehog a dark space to sleep is pivotal. This product does just that with a satin-lined interior. Clips on the top help to secure this hideout in the cage if you plan to place it on an upper level.


  • This house is easy to turn inside out and throw in the washing machine.
  • The size is ideal for one hedgehog to feel nestled inside a safe space.


  • Aside from the added clips, this cage is not very sturdy and can fall over.

6. Myidea Warm Small Pets Hideout

Myidea Warm Small Pets Hideout

 Ideal for: Owners with one or more hedgehogs.  

This extra-large hideout house is recommended for those who are trying to house more than one hedgehog. Inside is a plush cushion padding that can be removed for routine cleaning.


  • This house is made with high quality cushioning such as a high precision cotton filled plush pad and elastic sponge.
  • The bottom half of the hideout is lined with an anti-skid cloth that adds stability.


  • Some reviewers have noticed that this product can fall apart if repeatedly thrown in the washing machine.

5. FLAdorepet Small Pet Fleece Bed

FLAdorepet Small Pet Fleece Bed

 Ideal for: Owners with one hedgehog that isn’t too active.  

We found this product to be a top competitor for the best hedgehog house due to how soft and enticing it can be for a snoozing small pet. The nylon fabric paired with fleece and cotton makes for comfortable hideout.


  • The sizing of this bed tends to run large, making it a good candidate for a roomy den
  • Cleaning is an easy task as the pillow can be removed.


  • This product has been known to fall apart and isn’t recommended for the more rambunctious hedgehog.

4. Amariver Hmmock Hanging Bed for Small Animals

Amariver Hmmock Hanging Bed for Small Animals

 Ideal for: Owners with one or multiple hedgehogs 

This house is on the list for the best hedgehog house for its design. The fabric is sturdy enough to hold up on its own. If not, included clips can help secure it to the side of the cage. It is sturdy and comfortable with a plush interior lining.


  • The shape of this bed stays solid despite critters moving around.
  • Throwing this item in the washer is simple and easy for routine cleaning.


  • Small pets who tend to nibble have been known to put holes in this hideout.

3. Kaytee Woodland Get-A-Way House

Kaytee Woodland Get-A-Way House

 Ideal for: Owners with one or more hedgehogs.  

Different from the other competitors, this hideout house is made of wood. Though this might not be the comfiest option, it allows you to place it in any bedding without the hassle of cleaning any cushions. Having a wooden nest area is also easier to rinse off than fabric items.


  • Without the fleece bedding, you don’t have to worry about a hedgehog ruining their house.
  • The flat top allows your small pet to play around before hiding during the daylight hours.


  • Small rodents tend to chew on the wood, which warrants annual replacement, depending on the destruction.

2. Niteangel Natural Living Tunnel System

Niteangel Natural Living Tunnel System

 Ideal for: Owners with smaller hedgehogs  

Advertised as a complete tunnel system, this product is an upgraded housing unit for your hedgehog. Included are a tower, tunnel, and two houses to hide in. Once again, this house is made from wood to add a personalized feel.


  • This product may look complicated but is relatively easy to assemble.
  • The construction of this object is sturdy and designed to last.


  • Those with smaller species of hedgehogs such as the White-bellied Hedgehog can fit inside of this house.

1. FLAdorepet Small Animal Cage Nest Accessory

FLAdorepet Small Animal Cage Nest Accessory

 Ideal for: Owners with one or more hedgehogs 

Chosen as a best hedgehog house is the FLAdorepet Small Animal Nest. We included this product for its exceptional warmth and comfort appeal. A combination of soft short plush, high precision PP cotton filling and polyester make it an ideal place for a hedgehog to take a nap.


  • An independent mat located on the bottom of the bed adds stability.
  • The bottom of this product is made out of anti-skid, moisture-proof drip plastic cloth to prevent too much wear and tear.


  • Due to the material, this house requires consistent washing, though a washing machine may be too rough on it.


Supplying your hedgehog with an adequate house will make their 18 hours of sleep all that more enjoyable. Any best hedgehog house is made to be durable, sturdy, easy to clean, and overall comfortable. The products included in this article all have high ratings when it comes to these criteria.

You might want it to be easy to clean such as the wooden products, or perhaps your hedgehog would be happier in a fleece-lined bed. Taking these factors into consideration, picking from our top list of hedgehog houses should be easy.