Hedgehogs like their exercise wheels as much as many other small animals. However, due to their size, hedgehogs need a minimum of a 12″ wheel which is less common and can be harder to find.

Picking the best hedgehog wheel for your little friend can be difficult due to their needs, lack of options, and lack of information. So, here’s our top picks.

7. Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel 12″

Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel

If you’re a hedgehog owner on a tight budget, Kaytee’s Comfort Exercise Wheel is the wheel you’ve been waiting to find. This super cheap 12″ wheel is available in an assortment of colors to add some fun to your hedgehog’s cage. Enjoy the exercise and aesthetic with the extra-large Comfort Wheel by Kaytee.

  • Free-standing or cage attachment options available
  • Super cheap 12″ wheel
  • Easy to clean
  • Super noisy wheel
  • No sturdy placement options – stand isn’t sturdy and cage attachment is flimsy

6. Exotic Nutrition Hedgehog Starter Pack with Silent Runner Wide 12″

Exotic Nutrition Hedgehog Starter Pack

Get your hands on the Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner Wide to ensure your hedgie gets the best hedgehog wheel. These quiet wheels are made to fit hedgehogs of all sizes and the starter pack includes some other goodies for your hedgie to enjoy. The wide wheel makes it last as your hedgehog grows so they can enjoy it as long as they like.

  • Quiet
  • Extra wide wheel ensures it will last as your hedgehog grows
  • Versatile wheel offers free-standing or cage attachment options
  • One of few wheels actually made with hedgehogs in mind
  • Includes other fun things and snacks for your hedgie to enjoy
  • Semi-closed wheel lessens visibility during playtime
  • Difficult to clean

5. Kaytee Silent Spinner

Kaytee Silent Spinner

Silent Spinners are amount the most popular exercise wheels for small animals. These are economically priced simple wheels that are much quieter than similar plastic wheels. Available in four different colors, these cute and functional wheels can complement your hedgehog’s cage decor or just add a splash of color to it.

  • Can be free-standing on the included stand or the wheel can be attached to your hedgehog’s cage
  • Economically priced
  • Quieter than similar plastic wheels
  • Flimsy – not made to last long
  • The design can be dangerous and hurt a hedgehog’s feet

4. Kaytee Run-About Ball 13″

Kaytee Run-About Ball

Some people choose to let their hedgehog out of the cage to run around in a ball to ensure safety during playtime. This is where the Kaytee Run-About Ball comes into play. It’s sufficiently sized for your hedgehog to run around and have some quality safe fun during its outside of the cage playtime. Being clear helps with visibility for your hedgehog so they can enjoy a little more of your world with you.

  • Clear for better visibility
  • Safe outside of the cage playtime
  • Can be used on tracks to give your hedgehog a different area to explore if you don’t want them free running
  • Get scratched up and need regular replacing – most hedgehog owners replace their exercise ball yearly
  • Some have had issues with their hedgehog escaping the ball

3. Felix & Fido Spin Safe 15″

Felix & Fido Spin Safe

Felix & Fido Spin Safe is an oversized wheel that will allow even the biggest of hedgehogs to run comfortably. The durable wheel is made to last and satisfaction is guaranteed so there’s nothing to lose when trying this quality wheel. This is arguably the best hedgehog wheel due to its sturdy composition of metal and wood without any exposed wooden edges.

  • Made from metal and wood – no exposed wooden edges or cheap plastic parts
  • Durable and made to last
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
  • Extra large size
  • Expensive
  • no free-standing option – cage attachment only
  • Cage attachment hardware could use improvement

2. Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer 12″

Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer

Flying Saucers are wheels of an optimal shape to ensure there are no issues with your hedgehog’s spine getting overly curved during exercise. This economically priced saucer is the best hedgehog wheel to get your little runner started exercising right away.

  • Cheap
  • Optimal shape
  • Open and easy to watch your hedgehog play
  • Not sturdy enough to support medium to large hedgehogs that weigh over 1 lb
  • Hard to clean

1. Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner Glow Wheel 12″

Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner Glow Wheel

Hedgehogs are nocturnal so this Silent Runner Glow Wheel can give you some level of visibility to enjoy watching your hedgehog play during their most active time. The silent wheel gives you the option of it standing on its own base or it can be attached to the cage to save you some floor space in your hedgehog’s cage.

  • Silent
  • Option between standing and cage attachment
  • Glows in the dark for improved nighttime visibility
  • Not fully open so you can’t see your hedgehog as well while they’re playing on the wheel
  • Cage attachment isn’t super sturdy and many choose to replace the bolt


It may be difficult to find the best hedgehog wheel but there’s a great one waiting for your little hedgie. Consider the dimensions of the wheel and your hedgehog to find the best fit. Plus the size and type of cage may help to determine what wheel will work in their habitat.

These are the favorites among hedgehog owners, but the best hedgehog wheel is the one that works for your hedgehog.