Anyone with the good fortune of owning a horse knows hoof problems are as quick to cause lameness as any issues with arthritis or injury. Therefore, the best hoof supplement for horses takes several different approaches to hoof health and incorporates more than simply biotin.

Choosing an effective hoof supplement for your horse can be overwhelming. We reviewed 10 products to help owners distinguish between hoof aids based on quality of ingredients, types of ingredients, and effectiveness. Since many of us show our horses, we need supplements that make them look and feel their best.

10. Durvet Biotin Daily Hoof Supplement for Horses

Durvet Biotin Daily Hoof Supplement for Horses

 Ideal for: Horses with soft hooves, horses with dry coats 

Based out of Blue Springs, Missouri, Durvet is a large part of the equine, livestock, and small animal health industry. Biotin daily provides extra nutrition specifically for the horse’s hoof. Previous studies have shown Biotin increases hoof growth and strength. This supplement provides extra biotin as well as yeast culture and flaxseed meal. It is easy to add to your horse’s feed.

  • Flaxseed benefits coat, mane and tail
  • Apple-flavored pellets
  • Helps digestive health
  • Yea-Sacc cultures support gut health
  • Artificial flavors

9. Manna Pro Sho-Hoof Supplement for Horse

Manna Pro Sho-Hoof Supplement for Horse

 Ideal for: Horse with fragile hooves 

Manna Pro is a product with 8,500mg of Methionine and 187mg of Chelated Zinc added to the 20mg of biotin. Methionine helps sulfur cross-links which are crucial for the keratin involved in the hoof’s structure. Zinc supports inner bonds responsible for the structural integrity of a hoof.

  • Flaxseed adds omega-3 fatty acids
  • Has antioxidants
  • Can decrease dose as time progresses
  • Methionine supports increased hoof strength
  • Not to be used in copper-sensitive animals such as sheep
  • Relatively expensive

8. Horse Health Joint Combo Hoof & Coat

Horse Health Joint Combo Hoof & Coat

 Ideal for: Arthritic horses with hoof problems 

This provide omega-3 fatty acids in the form of flaxseed and a joint complex consisting of Glucosamine HCl, Chondroitin Sulfate, Manganese, MSM, and Vitamin C. It has 16mg of Biotin per two ounzes of supplement. This may seem low compared to other products, but research support the fact that 15 to 25mg of Biotin is optimal for hoof health. Other beneficial ingredients are omega-6 fatty acids and zinc.

  • This is a 3-in-1 supplement – hooves, joints, hair
  • Cinnamon apple flavor – high palatability
  • Helps collagen synthesis for joint health and repair
  • May not help lameness in chronic laminitis

7. Formula 707 Daily Fresh Packs Equine Hoof Supplements

Formula 707 Apple Flavored Pellets

 Ideal for: Performance horses, shows and events 

John Ewing Company, founded in 1946, is based in Colorado. Their supplement contains about 15mg per serving of Biotin combine with choline and important trace minerals like potassium, calcium, manganese, copper, and zinc, and amino acids L-Lysine and methionine. Manganese and copper are proteinated to enhance bioavailability.

  • As with many of their supplements, individually sealed packs provide pre-measured doses and protection from UV light and moisture
  • Yeast culture
  • Additional roughage products – high in fiber
  • Base of yeast cultures
  • Contains molasses

6. Horse Guard Trifecta Equine Vitamin Mineral Joint Hoof & Probiotic Supplement

Horse Guard Trifecta Horse Supplement

 Ideal for: All classes of horse, arthritic horses, performance horses, nutrient-deficient horses 

Trifecta is a well-balance comprehensive nutritional supplement for horses. It contains Horse Guard, a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals for horses like calcium, phosphorus, B-vitamins, zinc, and Vitamin C. Each serving provides 32mg of Biotin.

Trifecta also adds a joint supplement pack consisiting of MSM, hyaluronic acid, and glucosamine, and pre- and probiotics and live yeast for equine gut efficiency. Trifecta should make most people’s short list as the best hoof supplement for horses with high performance requirements.

  • Source of hyaluronic acid – effective at reducing joint inflammation and pathology
  • Contains more Biotin than competitors
  • Supports 4 systems at once -> joints, vitamins and minerals, gut, and hooves
  • Does not last long

5. Vita Biotin Crumble Supplement for Horse Hooves

Horse Health Products Vita Biotin Crumbles

 Ideal for: Horse mostly on good-quality forage, horse who have trouble keeping shoes on 

Vita Biotin supplies a healthy dose of calcium, protein, and fiber along with 6mg of Biotin per one-ounce serving. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Farnam is well-known for its formulation of high-quality equine products and supplements. Biotin Crumbles promote hoof health and strengthen the walls of the horse’s foot.

  • Oils provide omega-3 fatty acids – helps mane and tail as well as coat
  • Fast-acting – noticeable hoof conditioning occurs early
  • Prevents cracks in the hoof from spreading
  • Biotin content is quite low
  • Contains molasses

4. AniMed Remission

AniMed Horse Care Professional Strength Remission

 Ideal for: Horses with a history of or prone to founder 

Many horse owners mistakenly believe founder only affects the hoof. Founder or laminitis is a pathological process that affects a horse’s entire system. That is why you see many horses with laminitis who also colic.

Hoof health in horses reflects overall vitality. AniMed Remission has been specially formulated to nutritionally support horses with metabolic disorders, particularly laminitis, with a high level of magnesium and chromium, 20mg per serving of Biotin, methionine, lysine, zinc, and niacin.

  • Probiotics – great for gut health
  • The second-generation prebiotic, Bio-Mos, binds to pathological bacteria in horse’s gut
  • contains about 70 antioxidants
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
  • May stabilize insulin levels
  • Results variable with some horses not responsive

3. Source Focus Hf Hoof Micronutrient for Horses

Source Focus Hf Hoof Micronutrient Horses

 Ideal for: Nutritionally deficient horses, horses with limited access to pasture or who only eat poor-quality forage/high-grain diets, horses with cracked hooves 

Focus HF, like other Source products, has a proprietary blend of signature micronutrients. Sourced from nutrient-dense seaweed from the oceans, this mix provides unquie vitality from over 60 organic trace minerals, amino acids, and vitamins.

These are in addition to lecithin, lysine, natural iodine, biotin, methionine, and active yeast cultures. Seaweed meal makes Focus HF the best hoof supplement for horses suffering any nutrient deficiencies.

  • Helps hooves at the developmental level
  • High in crude protein
  • Seaweed has large levels of bioactivity
  • Natural source of iodine – necessary for metabolism
  • Must strictly adhere to feeding doses because of relatively high iodine

2. Farnam Horseshoers Secret

Farnam Horseshoer's Secret Pelleted Hoof Supplement

 Ideal for: Show horses, horses with cracked or crumbling hooves 

One of the most popular hoof supplements on the market, Horseshoer’s Secret is highly recommended by many horse experts, including the American Farrier’s Association. Recognizing the importance of a well-rounded approach to hoof health, this product supplies not only 25mg of Biotin per serving, but also lysine, methionine, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and copper.

  • High fatty acid profile – 340mg Omega-3s and 85mg Omega-6s per serving
  • Strengthens hoof wall
  • Yeast cultures
  • Fast hoof growth
  • Contains molasses
  • Artificial flavors

1. Life Data Labs Farriers Formula Double Strength

Life Data Labs inc Farriers Formula Double Strength

 Ideal for: Picky eaters, all classes of horses, horses whose hooves are slow-growing 

A horse’s hoof is comprised of two major parts. You have the outside, or capsule, that is made up of the hoof wall, heel bulbs at back of the foot, the frog, and the sole. This capsule surrounds an inner structure which houses the toe bones and vessels.

It is important because the best hoof supplement for horses will take great lengths to adddress the nutritional needs of the capsule. Farrier’s Formula encourages rapid growth of the sole, frog, and heel bulbs. Ingredients include lecithin, yeast cultures, calcium, Biotin, Vitamin C, and zinc. Phospholipids support a glossy coat and an excellent keratin foundation for the hooves.

  • Rated best hoof supplement for horses for 12 consecutive years in US
  • Fenugreek extract – greatly improves palatability as well as helps digestive, joint, and respiratory issues
  • Yeast cultures
  • Promotes hoof repair
  • Pricey


All of the products we reviewed are of high quality and effective for many types of horses. We found manufacturers to be dedicated to comprehensive nutritional support for hoof care rather than simple biotin supplementation.

If we had to choose, we would pick Farriers Formula Double Strength as the best hoof supplement for horses. We based this on overwhelming reports of effectiveness for healing and growing hooves and giving mane and tails vibrant sheen. We also took into account the high quality of ingredients and the nutritional profile of the pellets.

If you use any hoof supplements you think work better, please share your knowledge with us in the comments section below.