The foods you usually give your horses are formulated to satisfy their basic nutritional needs. However, certain life events such as breeding, heightened activity levels, and health considerations often imply additional supplementation.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can lead to severe health complications and diseases not just in humans but in horses as well. Micronutrients are crucial for a horse’s proper nutrition and development as well as the regulation of its bodily functions.

This article here will highlight some of the best horse vitamin mineral supplement options currently available in the U.S. market. Each product has been ranked as one of the top products in its class based on purchasing buyer’s user reviews, nutritional value, and overall quality.

10. Horseshine by Omega

Horseshine by Omega

 Ideal for: Owners who want a natural way to supplement 

Omega Horseshine is a rich source of Omega-3 derived from freshly milled and stabilized ground flax. This supplement will give you a way to maintain a shiny and healthy coat, strengthen hooves, and maximize your horse’s performance.

As a great alternative to psyllium, Horseshine will help keep your horse’s GI tract free from sand and colic.


  • Perfect for every life stage including pregnancy
  • Processed to safety standards high enough for human consumption
  • Long shelf life


  • A pricey option
  • Contains calcium carbonate which may disagree with some horses

9. Quietx II by Farnam

Quietx II by Farnam

 Ideal for: Owners who need to safely calm their horse in certain situations. 

If your horse gets hot, nervous, or stressed when specific situations occur, Quietx can help calm their nerves. Whether it is fear of the dentist or farrier, travel, competing, intense training, or a vet visit this best horse vitamin mineral supplement can keep your horse manageable and safe from self-injury.


  • Combination of ingredients is drug-free
  • Helps maintain alertness and focus during competitions and training
  • Will not cause your horse to be drowsy or “dopey”
  • Will not hinder performance


  • Typically only lasts a few hours so longer trips need multiple dosing
  • Need to dose well in advance of the anticipated stress-inducing situation

8. Apple a Day by Finish Line

Apple a Day by Finish Line

 Ideal for: Horses that need electrolyte replenishment 

Keeping your horse hydrated during hot weather or after a workout is extremely important. Electrolytes lost through sweat need to be replenished so that your horse stays hydrated, sustains a healthy appetite, and maintains proper nerve and muscle function.


  • Free from artificial dyes, sugar, and fillers
  • Since this product is healthier, you use less so a container lasts longer than other brands
  • Has a great taste that even picky horses will love
  • Replenishes electrolytes lost through sweating and urination


  • The powder is so fine that it produces a dust
  • There is no guarantee every horse will like it. As with any other product, it will be trial and error.

7. Trifecta by Horse Guard

Trifecta by Horse Guard

 Ideal for: Horse owners that want a good over-all supplement 

Trifecta is a 4 in 1 supplement that will save you money. It is a vitamin and mineral-packed best horse vitamin mineral supplement that supports gut health, joints, hooves, overall health, and coat.

It will simplify your feedings and give you peace of mind knowing Trifecta is formulated by a certified equine nutritionist.


  • Multiple supplements formulated into one will save you money and time
  • High-quality ingredients, pharmaceutical-grade vitamins, and food-grade carriers
  • It has a taste that horses enjoy
  • Once a day dosing


  • More expensive than other options
  • Many tend to go through the small packages quickly and have to be sure to order ahead of time or stock up

6. Glucosamine 5000 by AniMed

Glucosamine 5000 by AniMed

 Ideal for: Horses with joint pain 

Glucosamine 5000 will help maintain and improve your horse’s joint health. Horses that undergo physical activity such as performances, racing, and training sessions have joints that are susceptible to strain and stress.

This Best horse vitamin mineral supplement will help repair injured and tired joints and connective tissues. It can also help alleviate pain, increase range of motion and help with recovery after surgery.


  • Easy to feed powder that does not have fillers
  • Contains plant-type seleno-compounds for easy digestion and absorption
  • Delicious flavor
  • Improves the quality of life for older horses and horses with joint issues


  • May not be effective for horses with certain types of arthritis
  • The container is a small size

5. Pure MSM by AniMed

Pure MSM by AniMed

 Ideal for: Owners that need joint support for their horses  

This supplement is consists of 100% dietary sulfur that is known to help alleviate pain and minimize inflammation. It can also help remove toxins and build collagen which is needed for healthy joints, cartilage, and skin.


  • Vet recommended
  • Pure option for horses but can be used by humans and other pets
  • Helps manage pain caused by arthritis
  • Inexpensive and effective


  • Powder version may be difficult to get horses to eat

4. Red Cell by Farnam

Red Cell by Farnam

 Ideal for: Owners who wish to support their horses’ health during/ after performances 

This supplement is perfect for that champion in your barn. It keeps cells oxygenated during a competition so that they stay alert longer and maximizes energy. Red Cell will also promote faster recovery afterward.


  • Yucca flavored
  • Helps boost energy levels
  • Economically priced
  • Contains B-complex vitamins for immune support


  • Not all animals like the taste
  • The liquid version can be difficult to administer

3. Mare Magic by Mare Magic

Mare Magic by Mare Magic

 Ideal for: Mares that experience discomfort during their cycles 

Mare Magic is designed to help induce a calming effect. Particularly useful in mares that go through a rough heat or can get hormonal. It can also be used to calm geldings who need to just mellow out.

Mare Magic is also one of the Best horse vitamin mineral supplement options for calming a horse for competition.


  • Uses pure dried raspberry leaves which are known to help balance hormones and influences a quieter disposition
  • Regulates smooth muscle in gastrointestinal and reproductive tracts
  • Smells and tastes great


  • Some batches have many stems
  • May take some trial and error in dosage

2. Equinity by Equinity

Equinity by Equinity

 Ideal for: Owners that want to enhance the lives of their horses 

This supplement will customize itself to fulfill each horse’s specific needs. It can improve focus, endurance, and energy levels while strengthening bones, collagen, muscles, and the immune system.


  • Increases muscle mass and promotes a shiny coat
  • Maximizes performance
  • Hoof support
  • Free from sugar, starch, fillers
  • No need for a loading dose


  • Not effective in all types of lameness
  • A bit more pricey than other brands

1. Elevate Maintenance Powder by Kentucky Performance Products

Elevate Maintenance Powder by Kentucky Performance Products

 Ideal for: Owners that want an effective way to add necessary vitamin E to their horse’s diet 

Elevate Maintenance is a highly absorbable source of vitamin E which is an essential nutrient that horses cannot produce on their own. This vitamin is typically gained from grazing on fresh grass. Thus, it gets depleted through winter months or due to a lack of viable pasture.


  • Void of other vitamins so owners can adjust the supplement as necessary without worrying about imbalances
  • Supports nerve function, muscles, and immune system
  • Antioxidants that help reduce daily oxidative stress damage
  • Replaces invaluable vitamins in horses who do not have access to continual grazing


  • Has added sugars
  • The very finely ground powder easily blows away


Horses need a wide array of supplementation depending on their class type, age, nutritional needs, life stage, and health issues. These best horse vitamin mineral supplement options address many of those needs.

If your horse falls into one of these categories, reviewers have backed these supplements with positive comments about their effectiveness.

If you have used a supplement that is not included in this list but you feel deserves to be, feel free to comment so that other horse owners can weigh in.