Iguanas are some of the most fascinating pets a reptile enthusiast can ever have. However, iguanas have very specific care needs. One of the most important parts of that care is the cage.

Iguanas can become very large and therefore, they require very spacey, sturdy cages. In this list, we’ll be looking at durability, size, and prices of 10 best-rated products to select the best iguana cage there is.

10. Carolina Custom Cages

Carolina Custom Cages

 Ideal for: Iguanas and other reptiles 

This extra-long cage is a good choice for the best iguana cage for a young iguana. It offers a large amount of room and is constructed of glass.
The front features a large sliding door, which makes cleaning or accessing the cage easy. The top is a strong metal screen for added ventilation. In addition, the cage ships with added padding for protection and it’s easy to assemble

• Glass with metal screen top
• Large sliding front door
• Easy to assemble
• Will be small for adult iguanas

9. Midwest Deluxe Cage

Midwest Deluxe Cage

 Ideal for: Iguanas and small animals 

Although it’s designed for small pets, this cage can work well as an iguana habitat. It’s spacious and offers plenty of vertical space for climbing. The cage has four levels, all connected by ramps. The metal construction means that the cage is sturdy and durable.

• Lots of vertical space
• Four levels
• Solid shelves with ramps
• Bars won’t maintain humidity

8. Yaheetech Cage with Cross Shelves and Ladders

Yaheetech Cage with Cross Shelves and Ladders

 Ideal for: Birds, small animals, or reptiles such as iguanas 

This cage is tall enough for most iguanas, and the three levels provide plenty of room for lizards to climb or roam about. The cage itself is made of durable metal with a leak proof bottom pan. It sits on four wheels so it’s easy to move, and it has a bottom shelf where supplies can be stored.

• Tall, with plenty of climbing space
• Leak proof bottom
• Shelf for storage
• Bars won’t maintain high humidity

7. Prevue Hendryx Cage

Prevue Hendryx Cage

 Ideal for: Iguanas and ferrets 

This cage by Prevue features four levels, all with solid ramps and platforms so iguanas have lots of room to climb. Another reason this is a good choice for the best iguana cage is that it features two sets of large double doors, which makes getting into the cage to clean or interact with your pet easy.
There is a bottom shelf for storage and the entire cage is on wheels for easy moving.

• Four solid levels
• Two sets of large double doors
• Storage shelf
• Sits on wheels
• May be somewhat small for adult iguanas
• Bars won’t maintain humidity

6. Carolina Custom Cages Extra-Tall

Carolina Custom Cages Extra-Tall

 Ideal for: Small to medium sized iguanas 

This cage is designed for large lizards and offers a good amount of space for them to move about. The cage is made of glass with a metal frame and a mesh lid. The glass helps to lock in humidity and heat, making this a good choice for the best iguana cage.
There are also two large front doors so it’s very easy to feed or clean in the terrarium.

• Plenty of vertical and horizontal space
• Glass cage with mesh lid
• Two large front doors
• Too small for adult iguanas

5. A and E Cage Co. Walk-in Aviary

A and E Cage Co. Walk-in Aviary

 Ideal for: Birds or reptiles such as iguanas 

Although it was originally intended for birds, this cage makes an excellent habitat for an iguana. It’s big enough for an adult iguana and offers plenty of both vertical and horizontal space. The cage is made of durable wrought iron and features a large front door and several swing-out feeders.
Any sort of climbing decorations, feeders, or substrate can be used to customize the cage.

• Plenty of vertical and horizontal space
• Made of powder coated wrought iron
• Sturdy and durable
• More expensive than other cage options

4. Jaxpety Large Walk-in Bird House

Jaxpety Large Walk-in Bird House

 Ideal for: Birds and large reptiles 

This cage is large enough for even the biggest male iguanas. It’s made of aluminum, with screen sides, so it’s both durable and sturdy. It’s also resistant to rust, tarnish, and corrosion. The cage features large double doors so getting in and out to interact with your pet or clean is easy.

• Inexpensive for its size
• Made of sturdy, durable aluminum
• Large double doors
• Sharp edges, may need to be filed

3. Zoo Med ReptiBreeze LED Deluxe Habitat

Zoo Med ReptiBreeze LED Deluxe Habitat

 Ideal for: Chameleons, iguanas, and geckos 

Specifically designed for reptiles, this habitat is made of durable screen with a sturdy aluminum frame. There are two doors, so it’s simple to gain access to the habitat for feeding or cleaning. The bottom tray is removable so that cleaning is hassle-free.
In addition, the front of the cage is acrylic for clear viewing and there are touch-activated LED lights in the top of the cage.

• Aluminum screen cage with acrylic front
• Touch-activated LED lights
• Large double doors
• Removable bottom tray
• May be slightly small for adult iguanas

2. Zoo Med Reptibreeze Screen Cage

Zoo Med Reptibreeze Screen Cage

 Ideal for: Small iguanas, chameleons, and other lizards 

This cage provides lots of vertical climbing space for small to medium sized iguanas. The cage is made of aluminum screen with an aluminum frame, so it’s sturdy and also resistant to rust or corrosion.
There are two doors on the front—one large one that provides easy access to the cage and a second, smaller bottom door that makes cleaning simple. In addition, the cage is easy to assemble.

• Aluminum screen construction
• 2 doors for easy cage access
• Simple to assemble
• May not be as durable as other cages

1. Zoo Med Reptibreeze IguanArium

Zoo Med Reptibreeze IguanArium

 Ideal for: Iguanas 

Designed specifically for young iguanas, this habitat is made of metal wire wrapped in PVC, so it’s both durable and safe. There are two doors, one at the front and one at the top, that make it easy to interact with your pet, feed, or clean.
The bottom tray is also removable, to aid in easy cleaning. In addition, the cage sits on wheels, so it can be moved without hassle, and there is a removable basking shelf.

• Designed specifically for iguanas
• Metal wire coated in PVC
• Two large doors for access
• A bit small for adult iguanas


Iguanas can be complicated pets to keep but once they have a habitat they love with everything they need inside it, they can live long, healthy lives.

Sharing information, tips, and ideas with other iguana owners can help you make an informed decision about buying the best iguana cage. We’d love to hear your thoughts as well. Have we left any of your favorites off this list?