When we are traveling with a rabbit, we need some sort of caging to house them in, whether we are staying in a hotel or vacation rental.

Ideally, these need to be foldable and portable to make it easier to transport and pack to take with us.

So here are some great rabbit travel cage options for you to try!

Some of them are more on outside the box area.

Also, you probably wouldn’t normally think that some of these would be great as a vacation home for your rabbits.

Nonetheless, let’s check them out!

5. Little Friends Indoor Rabbit 100 Cage with Run

This is a great, all-around home for your rabbit.


  • Has a cage which can be used to transport your rabbit instead of using a carrier 
  • Has a folding run which attaches for extra space
  • Plus, it has a hidey house and a ramp for easy access to the cage


  • The cage is bulky and may take up to much space in a car 
  • Wouldn’t be portable if you are planning on flying
  • May not suit the larger breeds of rabbit

4. Bunny Business 8-Panel Playpen

This playpen is great for using at home or when away! I use these for my own rabbit too.


  • Foldable, so you’ll save space
  • Has a protective base in case of accidents
  • Safe and secure with the mesh top
  •  Lots of space for all sizes of rabbits


  • Still may be a bit heavy for taking on a plane, but if you are prepared to pay extra luggage, it might be doable

3. Coolty Portable Folding Pet Playpen

The Coolty Portable Folding Playpen a great all round travel home for your pet.


  • Folds down to a small size making it very portable
  • Lightweight so easy to take on a plane or in your car
  • Comes in different sizes so will suit all rabbits for size


  • A rabbit may chew this

Thinking outside the box:

As I was doing my research for rabbit travel cages or accommodation, I realized that there aren’t many portable options available for rabbits.

So that got me thinking: what else would be a great alternative without costing huge amounts?

Thinking outside the box, I realised these could be perfect for the job.

2. Red Kite Black Sleep Tight Travel Cot

The Red Kite Black Sleep Tight Travel Cot – a great alternative for travel accommodation.


  • Folds up neatly to fit in its own carry bag
  • Space-saving option
  • Fairly roomy and easy to secure by draping a towel or clipping a mosquito net to it


  • May not be roomy enough for giant breeds of rabbit
  • May have to pay for extra luggage if you want to take on a plane

1. SansBug Free- Standing Pop-Up Mosquito Net

Many pet owners I know use these as playpens for their pets. I have 2 of these myself for Speedy.


  • Lightweight
  • Can be collapsed and folded down to 2 different sizes so will fit in a suitcase for flying
  • A lot of space inside for rabbits of all sizes
  • Very portable


  • Some rabbits may chew through the mesh so you might want to clip a cloth to it to combat this problem


As you can see, there are several options for providing some travel accommodation for our rabbits.

This means we can still have vacations without leaving our furry friends behind.

Obviously, in the UK, we can’t really fly with our pets because of airline restrictions and regulations.

So all the options that would be good for flying are aimed at our friends in the US where this is possible.

All these options are doable in a car, and some would also be ideal for traveling by train to.

Wherever you are vacationing this summer, I hope these rabbit travel cage options will help you bring your rabbit friend too!

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