Rabbits enjoy chewing and exploring. Since these animals are naturally curious, they need toys to help keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

If they do not have something to explore, boredom will set in.

Feel free to review our list of the best toys for rabbits to get some ideas of what items are worth purchasing.

Certain toys are hazardous because they feature toxic material or small pieces that your rabbit can choke on when eating.

Safety was one of our top priorities when choosing these best bunny toys.

We also chose the toys based on their affordability, usability and durability.

10. Trixie Snack Board Logic Toy

trixie snack board logic toy

Ideal for: Rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small pets

This logic toy features seven different plastic lids.

You hide your rabbit’s favorite treats inside the lids, so that he or she can find them.

For example, you can fill the holes with dried papaya, apple slices, or blueberries.

This logic toy allows you to challenge your pet’s mind.


  • Has a rubber ring around the bottom for added stability
  • Great for first timers
  • Easy way to exercise your rabbit’s mind


  • Slightly expensive compared to other rabbit toys
  • Some rabbits have a hard time grabbing food from the slots

9. Ware Manufacturing Willow Branch Ball

critter ware willow branch ball

Ideal for: Critters that like to chew

One of the best toys for rabbits on the market is this branch ball.

The ball is made of natural willow, which is safe for rabbits to munch on while playing.

This ball will keep your rabbit’s teeth clean and healthy.

In addition, it also helps alleviate cage boredom.

The branch ball can help keep your pet entertained when you are busy.


  • Made of all natural willow
  • Also available in packs of three or five
  • Encourages healthy, playful activity


  • The ball can become unraveled
  • You may have to clean up remnants of willow

8. Bunny Blast Yucca Chew Toy

bunny blast yucca chew toy

Ideal for: Bunnies that like to chew

This item is one of the best toys for rabbits, because it can keep your pet entertained for hours.

The rolling chew toy consists of dried yucca, which is safe for your pet to eat. Your bunny can roll the toy, toss it around, and chew on it.

Since this chew toy contains all natural ingredients, it is even environmentally safe.


  • 100% biodegradable
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for pets that like to nibble on toys
  • Made from all natural dried yucca


  • Can be messy
  • Not all bunnies find it appealing

7. Kaytee Natural Pumice and Wood Hanging Toy

kaytee natural lava and wood hanging toy

Ideal for: Rabbits and chinchillas

Rabbits love this chew toy because it features both volcanic pumice rock and natural wood pieces.

The volcanic rock and wood pieces help keep your rabbit’s teeth clean.

This toy comes with a hook so that you can hang it inside the rabbit’s enclosure.


  • Features a natural wood hook for hanging purposes
  • Combines both volcanic pumice rock and natural wood chunks
  • Is durable and long-lasting


  • The hook may not fit on your rabbit’s enclosure
  • You may have to clean up some lava dust

6. Interpet Limited Tropical Fiddle Sticks

interpret limited tropical fiddle sticks toy

Ideal for: Rabbits, ferrets, and other small creatures that want a natural hiding spot

You can bend and shape these tropical fiddle sticks in various ways.

The sticks are 9.62-inches long and 11.87-inches wide.

People often use them to create a log cave or a stairway.

The sticks can help satisfy your rabbit’s natural chewing instincts.

In addition, your rabbit can use the sticks as a cozy place to get some sleep.


  • The fiddle sticks are malleable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • The brightly colored sticks are safe to chew on


  • It may take up too much room in your rabbit’s enclosure
  • The wood can splinter

5. Prevue Hendryx 1098 Nature’s Hideaway Grass Tunnel Toy

pervue hendryx natures hideaway

Ideal for: Dwarf rabbits

Rabbits have a natural instinct to burrow and explore.

With this grass tunnel, they can hide away while having fun.

The tunnel is 13.5 inches long, and consists of hand-woven grass.

Your pet can chew on the tunnel all he or she likes because the grass is all-natural.


  • Made from natural couch grass
  • Features three exit points
  • Safe for your pet to chew on
  • Handwoven to make it sturdier


  • Only tiny rabbits can fit into the tunnel

4. Peter’s Woven Grass Play Ball

peters woven grass play ball

Ideal for: Bunnies of any size

This woven grass play ball can entertain your rabbit for hours.

The toy consists of woven grass, so it is safe for your pet to chew on.

The ball is 5 x 6 x 9 inches, so it does not take up much room.

With that said, it is still tall enough for your bunny to push around for extra enjoyment.


  • Made of natural grass
  • Can also purchase the toy in a two pack
  • A simple form of entertainment
  • An affordable toy


  • Your rabbit can leave behind a mess
  • The inside of the ball is hollow

3. Happy Rabbit Toys “The Tree” Pet Rabbit Toy

the tree wooden pet rabbit toy

Ideal for: Rabbits that have free range

This rabbit toy is approximately eight inches tall, and resembles a tree.

The toy stands on its own, so you do not need any hooks to hang it from a rabbit enclosure.

You can even use this item outside of an enclosure to keep your rabbit occupied.

The tree features different toys that your rabbit can chew on.


  • Consists of non-toxic wood
  • Constructed in the USA
  • Made with non-toxic coloring
  • Safe for bunnies to chew on


  • Slightly expensive when compared to other best toys for rabbits
  • Could be more durable

2. Timali Pet Rabbit Toys Mini Activity Zone Rabbit Toy

mini activity zone wooden rabbit toy

Ideal for: Rabbits that weigh up to 3 lbs

This mini activity zone is one of the best toys for rabbits that weigh three pounds or more.

Your rabbit can play under it and on top of it.

This activity zone also features toys for your rabbit to play with and chew on.

You can either place the activity zone inside of a rabbit cage or leave it in the open when your bunny is roaming free.


  • Made from non-toxic wood
  • Features non-toxic coloring
  • Made in the USA


  • More expensive than most rabbit toys
  • Some bunnies are unsure how to use this toy

1. Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel – Collapsible 3 Way Play Toy

prosper pet cat tunnel

Ideal for: Rabbits, kittens, and puppies

These three spacious tunnels can entertain your rabbit for hours.

The toy is made of tear-resistant material and has a steel frame, which means that it is durable and sturdy.

Your rabbit can roam the tunnels for exercise and self-amusement.

This toy is collapsible, portable, and easy to store.

You can even wash the toy if your rabbit gets it dirty.


  • Comes with a swinging bell toy
  • Made from polyester material, which does not collect fur
  • Has a peephole in the middle of the tunnels
  • Features a steel frame to maintain its shape


  • One tunnel features crinkly material, which some rabbit owners may find annoying
  • The toy may be too big for your rabbit’s enclosure


There are many great rabbit toys available for purchase.

You can even purchase multiple items, so that you can rotate them when your bunny gets bored.

Please share your thoughts about the best toys for rabbits listed above.

If you have any suggestions about other rabbit toys that are not on this list, please let us know.

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