Top 10 Breeding Instagram Feeds

Top 10 Breeding Instagram Feeds

Are you interested in dog breeds and puppies to bring home? Are you still deciding what new family member to adopt? Today, we will present you with our top picks of breeding Instagram feeds to help you get your inspiration wheels in motion! While we all know Instagram is the best place to unwind following some fantastic (and famous) pups, the social network is also an excellent choice to learn about breeders and make friends with them! So, without further ado, let’s see our top 10 breeding Instagram feeds!

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1. @gotck_apbts

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At Gods of the Cosmos Kennels, you will have the chance to understand better the beauty and advantages of welcoming an American Pit Bull Terrier into your home. Pit Bulls make nifty family companions if that is what interests you. You will find on the Instagram account many show line or performance bred dogs, which will turn into your best friends if given a chance.

If you are interested in adopting a Pit Bull from this breeder, do your homework thoroughly, as you have to learn about this beautiful and diverse dog breed before you embark on such a journey.

2. @vonruelmann_rottweilers

image from the vonruelmann_rottweilers instagram page

This Instagram account is a treasure trove for all those in love with the beautiful, majestic Rottweiler. The brand represents a world famous German Rottweiler breeder, active since 1980. The famous breeder is employing German breeding techniques to offer superior Rottweiler puppies for show, sports, and for home. Check out the Instagram profile and maybe find your future family member and friend!

3. @torontopresa

image from the torontopresa instagram profile

The Canario God Kennels represents a professional Presa Canario breeder with a fine selection of pups to love and bring home. You may think that you are witnessing a gallery of show and work dogs, but these majestic canines make excellent family companions and loyal friends. They are indeed the champions, and their Instagram profile is one of the most fascinating breeding Instagram feeds.

4. @blueberrykennels

image from the blueberrykennels instagram

Bullies enjoy the prerogatives of family members in this home. Just as the breeders say, these dogs, while misunderstood, are some of the best friends and companions a person can have. If you take a trip to their Instagram account – with daily posts – you will see how much fun bullies are and what an amazing life you can share together with them.

5. @bossykennels

image from the bossykennels instagram

Forget about breeding for a second (and about performance, show, work, or champion dogs) and just immerse yourself in the pictures available on this Instagram profile. If they do not melt your heart and convince you to become a dog owner, nothing will. Back to breeding now, Bossy Kennels takes pride in its XL American Bullies with fierce looks and amazing personalities and temperaments. Who does not want to befriend one of these beauties and take them home?

6. @whimsicalblustaffies

image from the whimsicalblustaffies instagram

Whimsical Blue Staffies? Bring them on! Browsing through this Instagram feed means you left the real world and ended up in paradise. Feast your eyes and your heart with these gorgeous Blue English Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies and follow the kennel to maybe find your best friend around here. These superb dogs come with serious pedigree and are simply adorable. Faithful companions and playful friends, the English Blue Staffies are a joy to follow and discover.

7. @german_shepherd_working_line

image from the german_shepherd_working_line instagram profile

German Shepherds are some of the best dogs out there. Beside their high intelligence, their strength, and their remarkable loyalty, these dogs are the embodiment of the saying “dogs are man’s best friends.” If you follow this Instagram profile, you will learn how you can train your German Shepherd, how to play with one, and how to become his best friend. Liam Neeson is a huge fan of this kennel, and that says it all.

8. @bichon.instalife

image from the bichon.instalife instagram

Do you know how you roam Instagram in the search for the quirkiest, funniest, and cutest dogs in the world? Dress them up, style their hairdos, make them pose, get them the best toys and accessories featured by and create magazine-worthy photo shootings with them, cuddle them and pamper them. And now, get one for yourself as well! This Instagram account deserves your undivided attention – but try not to squeal. Cuteness overload just got a new meaning, and you can get your next best friend from this delightful Bichon kennel!

9. @liontibetiankennel

image from the liontibetiankennel instagram

Are you interested in exotic breeds and rare dogs? Then get ready for a sweet treat, as this Tibetan Mastiff Instagram account is everything you wanted and then some! It may be a bit hard to bring home one of these lions and call him your new family member, but it is not impossible. Feast your eyes and tremble before the beauty and inner force of these majestic furry beasts!


image from the instagram

Last but not least on our top breeding Instagram feeds, we have the Daug_Embassy_Kennel, a place of wonder, love, and downright bulldog fun. Browse the pictures, visit the Facebook page as well to get a better idea of what is going on, and share the passion for the American Bull Dog in all its quirkiness and glory!

What are your favorite breeding Instagram feeds and accounts? Are you just visiting them or did you use them to bring home your new four-legged friends?

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