Many Tears Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization based in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

They place dogs in foster homes all over the UK, and they strive to find a permanent loving home for them.

We talked to Caroline, one of their representatives, to learn more about their journey, motivation, and advice.

The result is the following Many Tears Animal Rescue interview.

1. How did you start your website?

The website was started because there was a clear need to spread the word about our dogs needing homes as we are in a small, remote area in Wales.

We needed to get noticed, get fundraising, and for people looking to adopt dogs to know that we were here and that we had many wonderful dogs in our care awaiting adoption not just in Wales but across the UK.

We started off with a basic free website but as it took off and Many Tears became more well known we needed something that offers people more, and now potential adopters can search for dogs nearest to their location, by age, sex, breed as well as those who can be only dogs.

2. What are the most challenging aspects of rescuing pets?

The biggest challenge has to be funding.

We are a small, independent Not For Profit organisation.

We receive no funding and we constantly have to fundraise to make ends meet.

We have vast vet bills as many of our dogs need additional specialist vet care as well as neutering, vaccinating, microchipping, worming, and treating minor ailments.

Running the rescue is also very expensive with utilities (running heat lamps, the washing machines, and in winter, the tumble driers really add up), staff wages, dog food, vital equipment, fuel for the vans to collect the dogs, insurances, etc. means our running costs are considerable.

We never know day to day what our next biggest challenge is going to be and have to hope that together we can face it and overcome it.

The dogs’ welfare is always our priority.

At the moment, we have so many dogs being handed in to us that another big challenge is space and finding room for them all to be comfortable and cared for.

Our foster carers really help us here, offering the dogs space in their own homes until they are adopted – but more space is always needed.

3. How do you find your motivation?

I desperately want a perfect world where every dog would have a loving home forever, or at least eventually get the chance of this.

I have always felt the job I should do is helping dogs in need, and my motivation is knowing that I make a difference to so many who would not have a chance without Many Tears.

4. Your advice for people who want to buy pets instead of adopting them?

Ask yourself why you are choosing not to adopt.

There are so many dogs and puppies of every shape and size in Rescue.

Every dog adopted frees up a space to save another life.

There are healthy dogs being put to sleep through lack of rescue space.

They did not ask to be born and nor should they have to die at the hands of humans. Do your research, look into your heart.

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Official logo of Many Tears Animal Rescue

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