Dogs are a pleasure to play with partly because they get so adorably excited about things.

But actually finding a toy that will keep up with their limitless energy, not to mention those sharp canines, is no easy feat.

One of your safest bets, if you’re looking for a new toy, is to go for a rubber one.

While there are many to choose from, we’ve rounded up a list of great rubber dog toys that you can find nowadays and which should withstand any doggy demands.

We selected these produtcs after taking a very close look at their durability, usefulness, and overall quality.

We also took into account what other buyers had to say about them.

white dog with ball in mouth
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8. JW Pet Whirlwheel Flying Disk Dog Toy

kw whirlwind rubber dog toy

🐾 Ideal For: 

🐾 Big Dogs that Like Running 
🐾 Dogs that Like to Chew on Things

This flying disk is made of a pet-safe, strong, and durable rubber.

It is lightweight, flies far, and comes with a squeaker toy in the center.

This toy is also great for stimulation as it is vanilla-extract infused and comes in several bright colors to attract and keep your dog’s attention.

Bow Wow (the Good):

🐾 Durable, flexible rubber

🐾 Bright, bold colors that are attractive and make it easy to find

Grrr (the Bad):

🦴 Good for larger dog breeds

🦴 The squeaker is somewhat fragile

7. Outward Hound BIONIC Urban Stick Durable Tough Toy for Dogs

pink urban stick dog rubber chew toy

🐾 Who Will Most Enjoy It: 

🐾 Dogs in Need of Stimulation 

The BIONIC Urban Stick is part of a line of tough, durable rubber dog toys with hollow cores.

It has no sharp edges, so you won’t have to worry about splinters, and can hold up to hours of play and chewing.

Its bright color makes it easy to see and find.

Also, as a bonus, it can be stuffed with treats, thing made even easier by the fact that it comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large).

Bow Wow (the Good):

🐾 Durable, flexible rubber design

🐾 You can stuff it with treats

Grrr (the Bad):

🦴 Not for aggressive chewers

Be sure to watch over your dogs while playing with this toy as they might swallow parts if you are not careful.

6. PetSafe Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude Dog Toy

purple petsafe busy buddy squirrel dude dog toy

🐾 Ideal For:

🐾 20 to 50-Pounds Dogs

The PetSage buddy squirrel comes in four sizes and is suitable for a variety of dog breeds, from extra small to large.

It has been proven to be completely safe for your pet, as it is made of natural rubber, and it is engaging and interactive enough for hours of play time.

Bow Wow (the Good):

🐾 Suitable for strong chewers

🐾 Great quality

Grrr (the Bad):

🦴 Difficult to clean

🦴 Rather hard to load with treats

5. JW Pet Company iSqueak Ball Rubber Dog Toy

JW Pet Company iSqueak Ball Rubber Dog Toy in three colors

🐾 Who Will Most Enjoy It: 

🐾 Medium-Sized Dogs
🐾 Big Dogs 

When it comes to rubber dog toys, this one can easily take the cake.

Not only is it one of the most popular rubber dog toys around, but it is also very resistant, entertaining, and affordable.

It is vanilla infused, comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large).

You can buy it in packs of three or two.

Bow Wow (the Good):

🐾 Easy to wash

🐾 Fade resistant

🐾 Tastes like vanilla

Grrr (the Bad):

🦴 Squeaker inside the ball might break rather easily or be too loud

black and white dog with black kong toy in its mouth
Image Source: Wikimedia

4. Snug Rubber Dog Balls

Snug Rubber Dog Balls  in various colors

🐾 Who Will Most Enjoy It:

🐾Dogs that Love to Play Fetch

What better way to get your dog into playing fetch than with a set of colorful rubber balls?

All the 3 balls included in this pack are the same size as tennis balls, and you can either use them as they are or with a ball launcher.

These balls are FDA-compliant, heavy-duty, thick, and use durable natural rubber.

Bow Wow (the Good):

🐾 BPA-free

🐾 Easy to clean

Grrr (the Bad):

🦴 The rubber smell might be a bit overwhelming at first

🦴 These balls will likely get dirty very fast

3. Kong Flyer – Durable Rubber Flying Disc Toy 

KONG Durable Rubber Flying Disc dog in red

🐾 Ideal for:

🐾 Heavy Runners with a Lot of Excess Energy

The KONG Flyer is part of a popular line of durable rubber dog toys that are chew-resistant while also being safe for your pet’s teeth and gums.

It comes in both small and large, so any dog can play with it.

The sturdy outer ring and soft inner ring make this a flexible, durable disk toy.

Bow Wow (the Good):

🐾 Chew-resistant

🐾 Flexible but sturdy design

🐾 Made in the USA

Grrr (the Bad):

🦴 Heavier material – expect it to sink if it lands in water

If you’re looking for durable dog toys, you might wanna check out this list too. 

2. Chuckit! Ultra Ball

two orange Chuckit! Ultra Ball

🐾 Ideal for:

🐾 Dogs with a Lot of Energy

These durable ultra balls can easily set the standard for rubber dog toys.

They are made of high-quality materials right here in the USA.

Since they are made of durable, high bounce rubber, these balls are perfect for a hyperactive dog who has lots of energy to burn.

This is a great toy for someone on a budget, and it comes in many sizes, so any dog can have a good time playing with it.

Bow Wow (the Good):

🐾 Chew-resistant

🐾 It floats

Grrr (the Bad):

🦴 Harder to grip once it’s wet

🦴 Does not bounce quite as high as advertised

1. Kong – Classic Dog Toy

red Kong Classic rubber  Dog Toy

🐾 Who Can Play With It:

🐾Small dogs
🐾Medium-sized dogs
🐾 Big dogs
🐾 Really large dogs

The Kong Classic dog toy is made of rubber that can withstand hours of play and interaction time.

This extremely durable dog toy is great for stuffing treats and then throwing it.

Plus, since this toy is oddly-shaped, it bounces differently every time it’s thrown, making it a very fun toy to chase.

This is an ideal rubber dog toy for any canine that tends to get bored easily and needs stimulation.

What’s more, it is very budget friendly too.

Bow Wow (the Good):

🐾 Durable rubber design

🐾 Unpredictable bounce pattern

Grrr (the Bad):

🦴 The treats might fall off quite quickly if not stuffed correctly

golden retriever running with rubber toy in mouth
Image by sspiehs3 on Pixabay

Ready to Have Fun?

This wraps up our list of the most popular rubber dog toys nowadays, with pros and cons for each, as well as what type or size of dog they are best suited for.

When choosing a dog toy for our list, we took customers’ opinions into consideration.

This is why it a good idea for you to write feedback about them, as it lets prospective buyers know the real perks and downsides of each toy.

Now, it is up to each pet owner to choose the toy that best suits their dog’s needs (and let us know which one it was, in your case).

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