Different dogs enjoy different toys. However, you’ll find that most dogs enjoy squeaky toys. These toys are interactive and sensory-stimulating.

The following dog squeaky toys are some of the most durable, creative, and cute-looking squeaky toys available for dogs of various sizes, ages, and play styles.

Each item is evaluated based on its price, quality of materials, and playtime appeal.

13. KONG Air Dog Squeakair Birthday Balls Dog Toy

KONG Air Dog Squeakair Birthday

 Ideal for: Medium-sized dogs 

These birthday dog toy balls are perfect to get your dog for their birthday, particularly if they’re a fan of toys that squeak. These balls work great for fun games of fetch.

They are made of a tennis material that is non-abrasive, so they won’t be uncomfortable for your dog to chew on. They only come in an M size.

  • Colorful
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Not great for small dogs
  • Heavy chewers will destroy these balls quickly

12. Outward Hound Durable Tough Squeaking Plush Dog Toy

Outward Hound Durable Tough Squeaking Plush

 Ideal for: All size dogs, due to the different sizes it comes in 

This toy from Outward Hound contains multiple squeakers, so it’s a great addition to this list. Not only that, but it is also marketed as invincible, so your dog can play with it for a long time.

That is, without its getting destroyed or creating a mess around the house. This is one of the best dog squeaky toys for heavy chewers.

  • Contains no stuffing
  • Keeps on squeaking even if the dog punctures the squeakers
  • Strong binding
  • The squeakers may be annoying for the owner
  • Some dogs might be afraid of the loud squeaker

11. Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel and Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toy for Dogs

Outward Hound Hide

 Ideal for: Bored dogs that need some action 

This is a great puzzle toy for dogs, stuffed with squirrels that squeak, and that your dog can play with and chew on. The puzzle is interactive enough to entertain dogs that are bored, and you can be a part of your dog’s excitement since you can play together.

You can also remove the squirrels and use them to play fetch.

  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Interactive and challenging
  • Fun for both you and your dog
  • Not suitable for larger dogs or heavy chewers, since they can destroy it quickly
  • You need to supervise your dog when playing with this toy

10. ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy

ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky plush dog toy

 Ideal for: Small to medium-sized dogs who get bored easily and enjoy a good challenge 

Does your dog enjoy a good puzzle? This squeaky plush toy set functions as a puzzle that helps teach your dog problem-solving techniques, while still encouraging them to have fun.

The toy comes with three adorable plush pandas that fit inside a plush bamboo stalk. Young dogs can benefit from this learning-based toy, and dogs of any age can certainly have fun with it.

  • Well-made from quality materials
  • Multiple plush toys in one package
  • Multiple types of plush animals to choose from, if pandas aren’t your dog’s thing
  • The package might come with a mix-and-match of plush animals
  • Larger dogs might destroy these toys easily
  • The stitching is not very resistant

9. KONG Squeezz Ball Dog Toy

KONG Squeezz dumbbell dog toy large size

 Ideal for: Medium to large-size dogs, and dogs who are moderate chewers 

The KONG Squeezz dog toy is a dumbbell that comes in several jeweled colors, including amethyst and ruby. Due to its strong material, this toy won’t come apart very easily, making it an excellent choice for dogs who love to gnaw.

The toy bounces as well, adding to the excitement. It is made of a non-toxic material.

  • Heavy-duty material
  • Non-toxic
  • Perfect for large dogs
  • Squeaker is very loud
  • The squeaker might stop working after a while

8. Tuff Mutters Egg Head

Egg Head by Tuff Mutters dug toy

 Ideal for: Dogs of any size or breed, especially those who are heavy chewers 

Tuff Mutters’ Egg Head dog toy is a double-stitched egg yolk with an adorable face. If your dog is an avid chewer, you might want to consider this inexpensive toy for its sheer durability. Many other toys with sewn-on faces can have those parts easily ripped off.

But Tuff Mutters uses high-quality materials and double-stitching all over the product, to ensure its endurance.

  • High-quality material
  • Extremely well-sewn double-stitching around the body
  • Squeaker stays intact
  • Can be considered fairly pricey
  • Not all owners consider this toy invincible

7. Gnawsome Medium Squeaker Ball Dog Toy

Gnawsome medium squeaker ball dog toy

 Ideal for: Dogs that are heavy chewers and like to play in the water 

The Gnawsome medium squeaker ball is one of the most chewable dog squeaky toys on the market. They work well on land or in the water, since they can float. The material is not too hard or too soft, so it won’t hurt your dog’s teeth, and it also won’t get easily ripped to shreds.

The texture of the ball is interesting, since it is spiky, with a gum massaging feature.

  • These balls float in water
  • Material isn’t too hard or too soft
  • Colors are bright
  • Squeaker is not overly-loud
  • Squeaker might break if roughly played with
  • Can be too large for smaller dog breeds

6. KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls Dog Toy

KONG Air dog squeakair dog toy tennis balls

 Ideal for: Medium and large active dogs 

Tennis balls are some of the most enthralling dog squeaky toys, since they combine high-octane physical activity and sensory fun. KONG’s tennis balls come in a three-pack, and you can opt for different sizes, depending on your dog’s needs.

The larger-sized balls are bigger than court-sized tennis balls and are ideal for dogs with larger, stronger jaws.

  • Durable materials
  • Multiple size options
  • Great for fetch
  • Yellow fuzz along the seam can get chewed off fast
  • Squeaker doesn’t always squeak
  • Has a strong smell

5. Hartz Dura Play Ball

Hartz Dura play ball small size

 Ideal for: Pretty much any dog 

It is an ideal toy for dogs under 20 pounds, who are light to moderate chewers, as well as dogs who like to play in the water, and both senior dogs and puppies The Hartz Dura play ball is one of the most innovative dog squeaky toys available.

This bacon-scented ball is composed of latex, and is made for land or water use. Since it is made of latex, this toy has a nice squeeze factor, but is not so hard that it will hurt your dog’s teeth. The toy bounces, so it is great for throwing and playing games of fetch.

  • The foam inside the ball gives additional bounce
  • Enticing bacon scent
  • Cleans easily
  • Squeaker might break over time
  • The smell can be overpowering for the owners

4. Ethical Pet Spot Fleece Rabbit Dog Toy

Ethical Fleece durable rabbit dog toy

 Ideal for: Smaller dogs, light to moderate chewers, and dogs that like to cuddle with stuffed animals 

If you’re looking for soft and squeaky dog toys, Ethical Pet’s adorable fleece rabbit dog toy is perfect for cuddling with during naptime. This plush bunny is low on added sewn-on details that would be easy for most dogs to rip off, making it a safe choice.

The built-in squeaker is not too loud, emitting only a soft sound, which is enough to be entertaining, but not overpowering.

  • Durable materials
  • Squeaker isn’t too loud
  • Cute and simple design
  • Might not be ideal for heavy chewers
  • Can be messy
  • The toy is quite small, so it is not suitable for large dog breeds

3. Silly Squeaker iBall Dog Toy

Silly Squeaker iBall Dog Toys

 Ideal for: Small dogs and light to moderate chewers, mostly those who like to play fetch 

This odd-looking toy is bizarrely cute and fun for smaller dogs to play fetch with. The fur on the ball is synthetic, so it will not get ripped off as easily as other types of materials used on dog squeaky toys. Also, if your dog ingests a few shreds of this synthetic fur, it will not harm them.

Of course, if you are giving your pet any sort of destructible toy, you should monitor how they play with it to prevent choking hazards.

  • Durable core and outer materials
  • Entertaining appearance, bounce, and squeak
  • Great for playing fetch
  • Outer materials might fall apart with rough play
  • The toy is quite heavy

2. Life Leash Premium Interchangeable Dog Leash System

Life Leash Premium 2 in 1 dog leash and toy indestructible

 Ideal for: Active dogs, who are already leash-trained 

If you’re looking for a new leash, why not get one that also comes equipped with a toy? The 2-in-1 life leash features a 5-foot lead and a squeaky toy ball. You can opt for different colors, and the lead provides sufficient length for more active dogs.

However, it will work best on dogs who are already leash-trained. The grip on the end of the lead keeps your fingers locked into place nicely so that you will not be able to easily let go of the leash if your dog tugs.

  • The leash is made of durable mountain-climbing rope
  • You don’t have to touch the slobber-filled toy since it’s tethered
  • Rope can be machine-washed
  • Might not be suitable for dogs who are just learning to walk on a leash
  • The clips can break

1. JW Pet Company Chompion Dog Toy

JW Pet company chompion dog toy heavyweight

 Ideal for: Heavy chewers, and medium to large-sized dogs 

Is your dog a heavy chewer? JW’s Chompion dog toy is a squeaky toy built for heavy chewers. It is also built to help dogs keep teeth and gums healthy. Since it is made of 100% rubber, your dog will have an easy time chewing on the toy, without actually destroying it.

The ball feels flexible, and gives off a strong squeak when it is squeezed.

  • Cleans plaque off of teeth
  • Durable material
  • Lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight sizes are available
  • You do not get to choose the color
  • Some dogs can chew the nobs off quickly
  • The toy is not heavy-duty


There are many dog squeaky toys you can purchase, but it is important to find the right toys for your dog, based on their size and play style.

Do you have any suggestions for other great dog squeaky toys or comments on the toys on the list?

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