Toy Balls for Your Rabbit

One thing I have learned from having pet rabbits is they all like toys to keep them amused.

Toys help to keep them from getting bored and when you have toys that you yourself can play with, it helps increase your bond with them. It will also help make them trust you more.

Balls are always a great hit with rabbits, they just love to throw them about.

You too can play ball with them by rolling it to your rabbits and watching them pick it up and throw it. Sometimes, they will even nudge it back to you for another go.

To help you get hours of play, I’ve put together a list of the best toy balls for rabbits you can get nowadays!

To start this list, I am beginning with the one ball that has outlasted pretty much all of Speedy’s other balls and is one of his favorites.

5. Large Blue Ball with Bell

large blue ball with bell

This ball toy is great for rabbits to play games with you. It is also very easy for them to pick it up and throw it about and generally amuse themselves.


  • Long-lasting, tough construction
  • Easy for a rabbit to grab hold of
  • Ideal for all rabbits, be them big or small


  • Some rabbits might be a little nervous of the bell inside
  • Some rabbits may not like this because they can’t chew it

4. Naturals Dandelion Roll ‘n’ Nest

Naturals Dandelion Roll N Nest best toy balls

Rabbits will have a lot of fun with it. Also, you can use it to stimulate their appetite as you can fill it with almost any tasty and healthy treats.


  • Rabbits will be instantly drawn to this just by smell alone
  •  Can be thrown about by your rabbit
  • Will keep any rabbit happy for a few weeks as they chew, eat, and destroy it.
  • This ball is edible and will help to wear down your rabbit’s teeth


  • Will at most only last a few weeks, making for an expensive toy that will need to be replaced

3. Ancol Small Animal Treat Ball

Ancol Small Animal Treat Ball

Rabbits can play with this ball with you by using it as a normal ball. They can also play by themselves with it as well.


  • Long lasting, tough construction
  • Can be filled with your rabbit’s favorite treats or pellet food
  • Your rabbit will have to work for its snacks


  • Some rabbits won’t use this ball as they can lose interest if they can’t get the treats out

2. Emours Small Animal Activity Play Chew Toys

Emours Small Animal Activity Play Chew Toys for Bunny Rabbits best toy balls

These toy balls are great for nibbling on, besides playing with. Also, your rabbit won’t get bored, as each ball is different from the other.


  • There are 3 different types of balls
  • The toy balls are safe for your rabbit to chew on
  • Will proved a few hours of amusement for your rabbit
  • These are edible


  • These won’t last too long as a rabbit chews on them as they are small

1. Trixie Wood Slat Ball with Bell

trixie wood slat ball with bell

This is yet another great ball toy for playing games with your rabbit as well as giving them something to chew on. It’s just one of the best toys your rabbit can play with!


  • Can be picked up and tossed around by your rabbit
  • It is safe for your rabbit to chew on
  • Long lasting toy due to its hard wooden structure


  • Although this is a long lasting toy, at some point, it will need replacing
  • Not all rabbits like toys with bells in them


These are some of the best toy balls out there right now that you can use to play with your rabbit or let them play with on their own.

Still, a word of advice: edible balls won’t last as long as the plastic ones and not all the balls will suit every rabbit.

While some will enjoy the treat ball and working to get that tasty snacks out, other rabbits (like Speedy) are lazy when it comes to that sort of thing.

Some rabbits enjoy destroying balls made from grasses, but they also may be the type of rabbit who craves playing games with you.

All rabbits are different, let’s not forget that!

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