If you’re looking to bring a bird into your home, then you will need to find a suitable cage.


This article goes over some of the best bird cages currently available for various birds regardless of size, such as finches, conures, lovebirds, parakeets, parrots, canaries, cockatiels, or budgies.



The criteria used in compiling this list includes price, quality, cage size, and the real purchasing customer reviews and the opinions of experienced bird owners.

10. Mcage Large Wrought Iron Bird Parrot Cage 

Mcage Large Wrought Iron Bird Parrot Cage 

Ideal for : African Greys, Red-lored Amazons, smaller cockatoos like goffins,

At 32”L x 30”W x 70”H, this is one of the best bird cages for Congo African greys and every feathered friend of similar size, such as ringnecks and Green-checked conures.

Since African greys are very energetic birds, they need plenty of space and some place they can play outside. This cage comes with an open playpen top with a tray just for that.

We do recommend when assembling the cage to place the tray above the grate, so that your grey can have someplace to hang upside down from.


  • Easy to set up
  • Well-made, sturdy construction
  • Bottom slide-out grate for easy cleanup
  • Metal plate feeders can be filled from outside


  • Directions hard to read
  • Medium sized parrots might squeeze out at the bottom of the cage

Pro Tip: When shopping around for a cage for a large bird make sure that the cage fits the bird when it has both its wings fully extended. This is why this cage is not suitable for really big birds like adult umbrella cockatoos or macaws for instance.

9. Prevue Hendryx Travel Bird Cage

Prevue Hendryx Travel Bird Cage



Ideal for: Short-term travel; Cockatiels , ringneck parakeets, conures, poicephalus

If you have to move your pet bird from one location to another often, we recommend a cage that is very easy to move around, like this travel birdcage from Prevue Hendryx.

It comes with a perch and 2 dishes made of stainless steel, perfect for food and water.

The access door is on the side of the cage, which makes it easy for the bird to walk into it.



  • Easy to store, folds flat
  • Comes with water and food dishes
  • The bottom grille is easy to remove



  • Not suitable for smaller birds
  • Can be quite heavy


8. Prevue Pet Products House Style Economy Bird Cage




Ideal for: Housing a small bird (finch, canary, budgie) long-term

This Prevue Pet model is a very nice little cage that can hold your bird while you clean his regular cage, or go on a trip to the vet.

It could also be the permanent home of a small bird, such as a finch or canary. Or even an ideal travel or hospital cage for slightly larger birds, like lovebirds.

The design is simple and effective, and the cage won’t take up much space.

This is an excellent option for first-time small bird owners on a budget.



  • An excellent travel or hospital cage
  • Very budget-friendly
  • Attractive, simple design



  • Not large enough to house a bird that is parakeet-size or for a longer period of time
  • Not a good option for multiple small birds



7. Kaytee Play n Learn Cage for Cockatiel

Kaytee Play n Learn Cage for Cockatiel



Ideal for: A single cockatiel

For a new bird owner bringing home their first cockatiel, this cage is an excellent choice.

The cage is very lightweight, and specifically designed to stimulate your bird.

It is very easy to add toys to this cage to keep your pet entertained.



  • Pop-up play top
  • A highly interactive and stimulating cage for your intelligent bird
  • Easy to add and remove toys



  • Not ideal for small birds (including small parakeets), as the bar spacing is too wide for them
  • No cage stand included


6. Prevue Hendryx Shanghai Parakeet Cage

Prevue Shanghai Parakeet Cage in White and Green



Ideal for: Small birds (parakeets, finches, budgies, canaries)

This cage is another attractive option for a small bird or a pair of small birds.

It comes in several attractive colors, and the design is thoroughly unique.

This is one of the best bird cages suitable for hanging up.



  • Comes in different colors
  • Very striking design
  • Can be hung



  • Too small for two parakeets 
  • Small food and water dishes


5. Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage

Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage



Ideal for: Multiple medium-sized or small birds (parakeets, canaries, or finches)


This Prevue model is a massive cage for people who want to make sure their large bird or flock of small birds have plenty of room.

It’s a bit pricey, but highly durable and made of quality wrought iron.

This is a cage for serious and experienced small bird owners who know how much space their birds need.



  • Large and spacious
  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly durable
  • The bottom slides out, making it easy to clean



  • This is a very large cage, so finding space for it might be difficult
  • Not suitable for very strong large birds like an African grey parrot


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4. Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage

Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage Bird Cage



Ideal for: Small birds such as parakeets, canaries, or finches

This cage will be a great home for a single smaller bird or a pair.

It is very spacious, to give your new friends room to fly, and is made of high-quality material.

The cage is also lightweight and will work with nearly any stand.

Your small birds will love it!



  • Easy to put together
  • Sturdy and very spacious
  • Good for beginner bird owners



  • Not ideal for housing any birds larger than a single cockatiel or pair of parakeets
  • The bottom grate does not slide out


3. Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Bird Cage

Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Bird Cage in White and Green



Ideal for: Small to medium-sized birds (parakeets, cockatiels)

This cage will be a great starter home for your parakeet or cockatiel.

It is much bigger than it looks, and your birds will have plenty of space.

It comes in both blue and green, and at a very attractive price.



  • Spacious cage, without being massive
  • Unique design
  • Easy tray removal at the bottom



  • No stand available
  • Tricky to assemble

Pro Tip: Beside size and bar spacing, the location of a bird cage is also important. If your bird is social, don’t put the cage in some place isolated. Of the bird is shy, shield it from loud noises and agitation.

2. Vision Bird Cage Model M02

Vision Bird Cage Model M02 Medium



Ideal for: A pair of small birds (canaries, budgies, lovebirds, or finches)

If you’re looking at getting a pair of budgies, this Vision Bird model is one of the best bird cages available to you.

The plastic base does a good job of keeping any mess inside the cage.

The doors open inward and serve as a cool landing pad too.



  • Four doors for maximum access
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Revolutionary debris guard



  • No slide-out tray
  • Assembly instructions are lacking


1. Mcage Large Wrought Iron Flight Cage

Mcage Large Wrought Iron Flight Canary Parakeet Cockatiel Lovebird Finch Sugar Glider Cage



Ideal For: Multiple small birds, or two to three medium birds (parakeets, canaries, cockatiels, or finches)

This Mcage model is simply one of the best bird cages available because of its flexibility.

It can fit a lot of different types and number of birds – everything from a small flock of finches to up to three cockatiels.

This bird cage is a good fit for conures too, and makes a permanent home for Senegal parrots , as it comes with horizontal bars and gives them plenty of opportunities to climb.

It’s a very sturdy flight cage for small birds, made of quality wrought iron material at an unbeatable price.



  • Sturdy wrought iron construction
  • A good option for many different types or combinations of birds
  • Excellent value for the money



  • Unexciting design
  • Not suitable for large, strong birds



Remember to always carefully research the species of bird you are hoping to get.

This way, you can determine how much space they really need before purchasing a bird cage.

It’s always better to have more space than too little. Hopefully, this list of best bird cages has given you some ideas.


Do you feel like we missed some best bird cages worth mentioning? Be sure to share your thoughts below!


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