11 Best Foraging Toys for Birds
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11 Best Foraging Toys for Birds

Parrots are highly intelligent animals, and it is important to have a variety of toys to properly stimulate them. Without enough toys, parrots can easily turn their need to chew and shred into a destructive habit. This article provides a brief review of the best foraging toys for birds, and recommendations for how to use them. The choices selected are based on quality, affordability, ratings, and user opinions.

11. Creative Foraging Systems Windmill Foraging Toy

Ideal for: Eclectus, African Grey, Small Cockatoos, Amazons

This toy is suitable for brainiac parrots, making them work a little harder for their treats. The birds have to spin the toy’s base in order to get the paddles to move. In turn, the paddles move the food inside the toy, so that your bird can reach it. It promote new behaviors in birds.


  • Clear acrylic material means the birds can see the food, sparking their interest more easily
  • This toy is not as straightforward, providing an extra challenge for bored, smart parrots
  • This is a highly entertaining toy


  • This toy may be a little too complex for some species of parrots
  • Birds that can unscrew wingnuts may be able to take the top off to get the treats instead of using the toy
  • You cannot disassemble it to clean it

10. KinTor Parrot Creative Foraging Toy Feeder

Ideal for: Budgies, Conures, African Greys, Cockatiels

This is one of the best foraging toys for birds that can get your bird thinking. Your parrot will be a puzzle expert in no time, due to this intelligence improvement toy. This toy will also keep your bird busy for hours on end, and entertain it at the same time. There are two size options you can choose from, so that you get the perfect fit for your bird.


  • Birds are able to see the treats, incentivizing them to use the toy
  • Different size holes let you put in treats of a variety of sizes, from millet spray to peanuts
  • Acrylic mold means they toy is reusable and dishwasher safe


  • The toy comes with a sticker that you need to remove before use, which can be difficult to get off
  • Smaller birds may have a hard time getting food out of the very bottom
  • Larger birds like macaws and cockatoos have reportedly broke the toy

9. Super Bird Creations 4 Way Forager Bird Toy

Ideal for: Amazons, African Greys, Eclectus, Mini Macaws, and Small Cockatoos

If you’re looking for a toy that will make your bird work for their food, this is one of the best foraging toys for birds you can buy. You can choose where to place the toy in the cage, so that you always surprise you bird and keep it moving and exploring. The cups in this toy are dishwasher safe.



  • Birds that are aggressive chewers might destroy this toy fast
  • The plastic material is quite flimsy
  • The toy might be too easy for smart birds

8. Caitec Creative Foraging Systems Foraging Toy

Ideal for: Quakers Parakeets, Cockatiels, Conures, Caiques, Medium Parrots

Can’t decide on the best foraging toys for birds? How about one that offers a variety of 4 treat choices, such as this extremely entertaining foraging toy? The toys reduces stress as well as boredom, so it’s a nice addition to any owners with a pet bird. The tops open differently, so your bird will have to try lifting, twisting, and spinning them in different ways to get to the treats.


  • Four boxes that open differently, offering four different treats and four different ways to open them
  • Clear acrylic material shows the bird the contents of each box, incentivizing them to use the toy
  • Toy spins, allowing easier access to all boxes


  • The toy is fairly large, so smaller or more skittish birds may be afraid of it at first
  • Smaller birds may not be able to spin it
  • The toy might not last that long

7. Creative Foraging Systems Clear Foraging Wheel

Ideal for: Larger Conures, Caiques, Mini-Macaws, Smaller Cockatoos, Amazon Parrots

This fun wheel is one of the best foraging toys for birds, because it makes your bird feel like it’s at a carnival! It is transparent, so the bird can see what’s inside each of the boxes. This allows it to choose its favorite treat. Not only that, but it also keeps it entertained, due to the spinning motion.


  • Acrylic mold means it’s reusable and dishwasher safe
  • Good way to get birds to forage on both seed and pellets
  • The toy is easy to install


  • Smarter and larger birds may be able to take the toy apart
  • Only one size hole, so treat types are somewhat limited
  • The quality of the materials is not impressive

6. Niteangel Parrot Creative Foraging Systems

Ideal for: Large Conures, Mini-Macaws, Small Cockatoos, Caiques, Amazon Parrots, African Greys

Your birds will easily be intrigued by the combination of this toy’s colorful blocks interlaced with their favorite treats.The wheel motion reduces boredom, and it might also prevent your bird from doing things like feather picking. Since the plastic is clear, birds can choose their own treats.


  • Colorful internal shapes attract birds’ attention
  • Clear acrylic mold means birds can see treats
  • The toy is easy to hang onto any cage


  • Does not come apart, so it may be difficult to clean
  • The spaces in between blocks mean you need to find specifically sized treats
  • The hole might be too small for some birds’ beaks

5. Creative Foraging Systems Hide & Seek Refillable Canister

Ideal for: Amazons, Senegals, African Grey, Ducorps, and other small Cockatoos and Macaws

This funky toy simultaneously fulfills your birds’ need to destroy and find fun treats. It teaches your bird to spend time and energy searching through the toy’s contents to find the much-desired treat. It can keep the bird busy for hours at a time. The box is made of polycarbonate, and it is easy to hang on cages.


  • This toy is stuffed full of fantastic things for birds to chew on
  • The canister is acrylic, so you can refill it with more treats and shreddable papers when your birds have finished the existent ones
  • Great way to hide treats so birds have to work to find them


  • Better for larger birds, small birds may not show interest
  • Some larger birds may be able to break the parts holding it to the cage
  • Timid birds might not enjoy this toy
Cheapest Product

4. Bonka Bird Toys Foraging Heart Bird Toy

Ideal for: Cockatiels, Conures, Quaker Parrots, African Greys, Senegals

Your bird won’t know where to start with all the fun, colorful pieces to this toy. All pieces are safe to shred, so you don’t have to worry about your pet getting harmed in any way. Not only is the toy visually pleasing, it’s also extremely entertaining. It is great for both small and medium-sized birds, and it provides a real visual treat.


  • Many different materials and colors to keep your bird entertained
  • Hide treats within the wicker ball, so birds will have to shred to find them
  • Cheap price means it’s easier to replace


  • Larger birds may be able to shred through it faster
  • The materials look quite cheap
  • The toy is not extremely sturdy

3. JW Pet Activitoys Nut Case

Ideal for: Medium birds like Conures, Quaker Parrots, Senegal Parrots, African Greys

Simulate a natural foraging setting with this funky toy. Although it may seem much less entertaining than the other best foraging toys for birds on this list, it’s actually quite challenging, both physically and intellectually. All you have to do is fill it with treats, and you’re good to go.


  • Durable rubber means your bird can forage for days
  • You can put a variety of treats or shreddable paper inside
  • The toy helps your birds defeat boredom


  • One size holes means you are limited when it comes to the treats you can put inside
  • Larger birds may be able to destroy the rubber
  • Some birds might not be interested in this toy
Best Product

2. Super Bird Creations Seagrass Foraging Wall Toy for Birds

Ideal for: Larger parrots like African Greys, Eclectus, Cockatoos, Macaws

This toy is made of natural materials and fun bright cases, which will keep your bird occupied for hours. The toy prompts the bird to work to get the treat, which is a behavior that can cancel other negative ones. You can place this toy anywhere you’d like in or on the cage, so that your bird never gets tired of exploring and moving around.


  • Comes with several foraging toys that can be moved throughout the cage, keeping your bird occupied
  • Birds will have to employ multiple foraging strategies with the different substrates
  • Great for use inside or outside the cage


  • Bright colors may dull when washed
  • Smaller birds are at higher risk of getting caught in the toy
  • Aggressive birds can destroy this toy fast

1. Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy

Ideal for: Any bird, because it comes in a variety of sizes

This toy is truly one of the best foraging toys for birds, due to its shape and interesting colors. The texture is also something worth noting, because it contributes to keeping your bird busy for hours on end. It is made of all-natural materials like palm leaf. A lot of bird owners give this toy 5 out of 5 stars!


  • Low price
  • Birds love to shred the safe bamboo material
  • You can hide a variety of seeds and toys inside


  • Larger birds may be able to destroy more quickly
  • Some birds might need getting used to this toy
  • Some owners reported this toy being difficult to hang


The majority of foraging toys for birds available seem to be best for small to medium-sized birds, as larger birds can have more destructive capabilities. The items on the list above are a selection of some of the best foraging toys for birds you can find online. Give them a try and see what your avian companion thinks!

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