11 Best Hamster Wheels
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11 Best Hamster Wheels

A huge part of keeping pet hamsters healthy and happy consists of making sure they can exercise as often as possible. For that reason, hamster owners should always provide their pet rodents with a medium of exercising. Without a doubt, the most well-known and effective tool for exercising your hamster is a hamster wheel. In order to help you make a choice, the present guide will go over the best hamster wheels on the market, looking at their features, pros, and cons.

11. Love Hamster Wheel 8” Pet Comfort Exercise Wheel

Ideal for: Larger hamsters, as well as chinchillas, hedgehogs, and gerbils.

This hamster wheel is perfect for large hamsters, due to its 8-inch size. You can easily attach it to your hamster’s cage, and watch them enjoy it in no time. The wheel is comfortable, made of thick plastic, and has a non-slip interior. It is also quiet, for your convenience.


  • Stable and secure.
  • Spacious.
  • Made of premium-grade material.


  • Difficult to put together.
  • Might stop spinning after a while.

10. Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel

Ideal for: Large hamsters.

Designed for pets such as hamsters, rats, and chinchillas, the Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel is considered to be the best hamster wheel by quite a few rodent lovers. Its 12 inches provide a spacious and comfortable environment that encourages movement, without being oppressive to the animal.


  • Completely silent thanks to patented technology.
  • Spacious and well-ventilated.
  • Perfectly safe two-toned plastic surface.


  • Slightly bulky.
  • Not as stable as other hamster wheels.

9. Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner 9″ Pet Exercise Wheel

Ideal for: Hamsters that are wall-huggers.

One of the best hamster wheels on the market, the Silent Runner has a simple and effective design. Made with a combination of metal and non-toxic plastic, it’s solid enough to be used daily without coming apart. Additionally, it’s spacious and ergonomic enough for easy cleaning.


  • Features entry holes that are attractive to hamsters.
  • Features axle-free construction and textured running tracks.


  • Can be somewhat loud.

8. Trixie Exercise Wheel

Ideal for: Hamsters that live in medium and large cages.

This is a large and spacious hamster wheel that promotes healthy exercise while protecting the spines of the animals. Its high-quality mechanism works smoothly and quietly. In order to be as functional as possible, it can be easily attached to one of the cage’s walls.


  • High-quality mechanism that runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Very affordable.


  • Does not fit in small cages.

7. Love Hamster Wheel 7″ Pet Noiseless Spinner

Ideal for: Small and dwarf hamsters.

Despite being compact and lightweight, this wheel is comfy and stable enough to guarantee the continuous enjoyment of small and dwarf hamsters. Made with PP material, the Love Hamster Wheel is non-toxic and incredibly durable. Additionally, its design allows the wheel to be attached to any cage with ease.


  • Made entirely with premium-grade PP material.
  • Stable and slip-free.


  • Can be somewhat wobbly when attached to certain cage types.

6. Trixie Running Plastic Disc

Ideal for: Hyperactive hamsters.

This product’s innovative and groundbreaking design allows hamsters to run intensely and freely without becoming injured. Additionally, it makes for a sturdy base that promotes durability and stability. With a 30cm diameter, it’s also spacious and comfortable.


  • No-slip structure and materials.
  • Smooth and quiet operation.


  • Some customers have complained about the wheel’s stiffness.
  • The base can be hard to attach.

5. Interpet Limited Superpet Silent Spinner Wheel

Ideal for: Quiet hamster exercising.

Taking maximum advantage of its patented ball bearing technology, this wheel allows hamsters to exercise intensely, without becoming loud or obnoxious. Made with ingenuity and durable materials, this is one of the best hamster wheels out there, mostly due to its high-quality construction.


  • Advanced ball bearing technology that results in smooth, quiet action.
  • Can be set on a flat surface or attached to a cage.


  • The wheel can be heavy and difficult to move for smaller hamsters.
Cheapest Product

4. Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel

Ideal for: Older hamsters.

With a design that is safe for any hamster’s tail and spine, the Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel is truly rodent-friendly. Using a heavy-duty wire stand, and a two-way attachment clip, it is perfectly stable and resilient. Additionally, it’s available in various sizes.


  • Simple design.
  • Tail-safe and spine-safe.
  • Easy entrance and exit.


  • Not as durable as many other wheels.

3. Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel for Small Pets

Ideal for: Small, but energetic hamsters.

This fun, colorful, and dynamic hamster wheel has gained a lot of attention due to its creative design. However, it’s also very effective at promoting exercise and improving the well-being of your beloved pet hamster. As if that was not enough, it’s completely tail-safe and toe-safe, ensuring pets will only get positive results from using it.


  • Unique solid running surface and structure.
  • Completely toe-safe and tail-safe.


  • Due to its compact size, it is not recommended for medium and large hamsters.
Best Product

2. Yunt Hamster Cute Wooden Exercise Wheel

Ideal for: Hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other small rodents.

This list of the best hamster wheels on the market would not be complete without the wooden Yunt Exercise Wheel. This uniquely designed, rustic, and beautiful wheel is made entirely using natural wood. Despite its rustic style, its mechanism is made for safe and smooth running.


  • Particularly quiet.
  • Pets can also use it to grind their teeth.
  • Entertaining.


  • Due to its artisanal construction, it’s not as resistant to impact as other wheels.

1. Bee Line Industries Semi-Enclosed Exercise Wodent Wheel

Ideal for: Wall-huggers, since it makes them feel safe.

At the top of this list of the best hamster wheels on the market is Bee Line Industries’ Wodent Wheel. Animal contoured, spacious, and comfortable, it’s perfect for small hamsters. The wheel is perfectly non-toxic and safe. Its intelligent design promotes stability and traction, without losing dynamism. Additionally, due to its simple design, it’s easy to clean.


  • Promotes healthy exercising without causing injuries.
  • Semi-enclosed design perfect for wall-huggers.
  • Approved by the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).


  • Can be a bit loud.


Getting the right hamster wheel for your pet is incredibly beneficial. This simple device allows your little friend to run safely whenever it feels the urge to. At the same time, it provides a reliable source of entertainment and distraction that most hamsters will truly appreciate. In your opinion, is there a product we missed, but should have included? Let us know in the comments what the best hamster wheels you’ve ever bought are!

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