One of the best ways to ensure that your feline friend has a good oral health is by providing them with cat chew toys. Not only do such toys improve the quality of their teeth, but they are also a fun way to keep your cats busy and entertained.

Cats can’t brush their teeth the same way that humans do (for obvious reasons). So it is important to find a way for them to maintain their teeth and gums healthy teeth and strong. 


So this list will review and present several top cat chew toys by looking at their features and their pros, and cons!


10. Petstages Tons of Tails Catnip Toy For Cats

Catnip toss and bat toy by Petstage


Ideal for: This chew toy is perfect for all cats


This bright and fun cat toy is the perfect toy for an active cat. Petstages appropriately named its catnip chew toy Tons of Tails, as it’s tail-like cords will keep felines entertained and active. 

Also, the toy has three textures that are guaranteed to keep your cat interested in it. The fact that it is filled with catnip should also come as an added benefit. 

Your pets can use Tons of Tails on their own, but you can also use it to play with your cat – just toss it around, for example. 



  • Filled with catnip – but does not have an overwhelmingly strong smell
  • The streamers will keep cats excited and interested
  • The ball is extremely lightweight and easy to toss around


  • Some cat owners consider the strings on the ball too short
  • This toy might fall apart fast


9. PetSafe FUNKitty Egg Cersizer Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser

PetSafe FUNKitty egg cersizer food dispenser

Ideal for: Cats with some puzzle experience

The FUNKitty eggcersizer can be the perfect chew toy for your cat. This interactive toy will definitely attract and capture your cat’s interest as it dispenses treats during playtime. 

So besides offering something for your cat to play with, you can also use it to control the amount of food it eats. As it only dispenses small portions, you can rest assured that your kitty won’t be eating too much. 


  • The opening is adjustable – you can increase or decrease its difficulty
  • This item is dishwasher-safe
  • Helps improve a cat’s digestion as it only dispenses smaller portions
  • This toy works well at encouraging weight-loss through the controlled portions and increased exercise levels 


  • You might need to teach your cat how to use it
  • The toy might not roll on carpets
  • It might be too noisy for some 


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8. Petstages Dental Health Cat Chew Toys

Dental health cat chew toy


Ideal for: This toy is great for cats of all ages


Petstages is known for designing quality cat toys that are fun to play with and good for a feline’s oral health. This toy is no exception as it can be perfect for cats that like to chew on materials. 

This chew toy is perfect for cleaning their teeth and removing tartar. This way, your cat’s teeth and gums will remain strong and healthy. 

As it is made of resistant materials, the netting shouldn’t unravel either – playtime, anyone? 



  • These cat chew toys are filled with both fibrous catnip stalks as well as catnip
  • This toy is extremely lightweight which it is easy to carry, chew, and bat around
  • Contains knotted streamers that are fun to play with


  • Some of the tassels can come off quite easily
  • Very small-sized toy – perfect for kittens, not so much so for larger-sized cats 


7. CatTwig Organic Silver Vine Catnip Alternative Stick Toy

CatTwig organic silver vine alternative stick toy


Ideal for: Work especially well for anxious cats


These CatTwig vine toys are 100% natural and unprocessed. This item comes in a pack of six and works well to improve dental health and relieve stress for cats.

You can use this an alternative to catnip toys. Expect reactions such as purring as cats love chewing, licking, rolling, and running after this toy. 



  • These CatTwig toys are very potent 
  • They come in a resealable container to make sure the twigs stay fresh for every use
  • Nibbling on the bark of these chew sticks helps remove plaque from a cat’s teeth


  • Cats might chew on these twigs very fast


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6. Petstages Catnip Plaque Away Pretzel

Petstage catnip plaque away pretzel 1 pack


Ideal for: Any little fluffy cat or kitten


This plaque-away pretzel by Petstages can be the perfect chew toy for small cats and kitten while also acting as a dental toy. 

Its bright orange netting works well to remove soft tartar from your cat’s teeth while they are playing with it. 

The toy contains catnip, which will attract your cat and keep its interest. 

You can also safely leave in the paws of a teething kitten, and it is one of those teething toys that even adult cats like. 



  • The pretzel is lightweight – extremely easy for cats to carry around and bat at
  • Contains catnip
  • The toy will help improve and maintain your cat’s good dental health


  • Cats might get bored with it quite quickly


5. HDP Petstages Night Time Catnip Rolls

Petstage catnip rolls stick shape


Ideal for: All cats, especially those that are more active at night


These catnip rolls by Petstages are a wonderfully quiet toy that will keep your cat entertained without waking you up either. 

That’s because their soft and quiet material makes them a great toy for nighttime use. As most of the other toys already presented on this list, this too contains catnip but no other fillings. 



  • These rolls are the perfect shape for biting
  • The catnip filled rolls are soft enough to chew on continuously 
  • A quiet toy to play with


  • Some owners report the ends of the rolls to be sharp – however, none have reported any injuries as a result
  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers


4. KONG Wubba Mouse Cat Toy

KONG Wubba Mouse Cat Toy


Ideal for: Tickling a cat’s natural hunting instincts 


The Cat Wubba Mouse from KONG has a very different shape from the other toys we present, and for good reason. This toy was specifically designed to tickle and activate your feline’s natural instinct to stalk, follow, and prey on ‘enemies’. 

Besides the shape, the Wubba Mouse has a rattle inside it, and tails that crackle. 

These will help attract and keep a cat interested in them. Made out of ultra-soft materials, it is also a great chew toy as your pets can scratch, snag, wrestle, and also snuggles with it. 



  • Infused with Kong’s North American catnip too – for added fun and attraction 
  • This toy will help stimulate a cat’s touch, smell, sight, and hearing 
  • Rattle and crackle for auditive queues 
  • It is covered by the KONG Satisfaction Guarantee


  • You can’t refill it with catnip 
  • Variable colors – don’t know what you’ll get 


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3. Petstages Catnip Chew Mice

Petstages Catnip Chew Mice


Ideal for: Cats of all sizes and ages 


We continue this list of cat chew toys with another interesting shaped option – but a more traditional one this time. Shaped like mice and very colorful, this toy should definitely attract a cat’s attention.

It is also lightweight, so a feline won’t have any trouble carrying, tossing, or batting it around – nor will you. 

As with other Petstages toys, the netting will help remove soft tartar from a cat’s teeth. It will massage their gums too!

This toy will also help floss their teeth as cats chew on it. As if the shape and colors were not enough, it too is filled with catnip. 



  • Lightweight – easy to toss around and play with 
  • The knotted streamer tails flip and flop for extract fun and enticement 
  • Great dental toy – cleans and massages as cats chew on it 


  • This toy’s size was reduced and is now smaller 
  • Some cats just aren’t interested in them


2. Fuzzu Presidential Parody Cat Toy

Fuzzu Presidential parody cat chew toy


Ideal for: This toy is perfect for any cat or kitten


Let your cat enjoy the presidents just as much as we do with their very own presidential parody toy. This presidential cat toy contains catnip to ensure your cat stays interested in plays with it for hours.

The toy is non-toxic, and it is printed on a blend of poly and cotton, so it is safe to play with too. 



  • This toy comes in several different designs – each uses bright colors and has a funny face
  • The toy is floppy and perfect for chewing or tossing around 
  • This item is non-toxic and safe to play with 


  • The toy is not that resistant, as per some reviews 


1. Petstages Dental Kitty Chew Wheel

Dental kitty chew wheel by Petstage

Ideal for: All cats and kittens who need a stronger and healthier smile

This chew toy for cats is yet another perfect choice for keeping your cat’s teeth healthy and, at least for now, the last one we’ll present. 

The bright and colorful design is sure to entice kitties and keep them playing and chewing for hours.

The toy is made up of a ring with chewy spikes and two fabric steamers. While it is not the most visually attractive one for us, many pet owners state that their cats simply love playing with it. 


  • This dental chew toy works to remove plaque and tartar from your cat’s teeth
  • Made using high-quality materials
  • It is fun and durable


  • Some cats are able to chew off sections – so inspections prior to and during long play periods are recommended
  • The ribbons are not soft




It is important that you choose cat chew toys that help improve your cat’s dental health while they are playing with them. It’s all fun and games, and thanks to these chew toys, also healthy teeth!

Choosing any of the cat chew toys on our list will assure you that your cat’s oral health and entertainment is in good hands – or paws – for months or years to come.


Do you have other great cat chew toy suggestions? Leave them in a comment down below!


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