There are thousands of dog toys available for furry friends of all shapes and sizes. The problem is that a lot of these toys fall apart quickly after a short period of time. However, finding the best indestructible dog toys does not have to be a daunting task.


In fact, here are several of the best indestructible dog toys that pass the test and which will serve your pets’ needs! 


To select them, we looked at their features and also what other dog owners had to say about them. There’s also a short list of pros and cons for each and every one of them.


10. Outward Hound Durable Tough Squeaking Plush Dog Toy

Outward Hound Durable Tough Squeaking Plush


Ideal for: Small to large dogs – comes in multiple size options 


This durable toy from Outward Hound is filled with squeakers, not stuffing. This guarantees that it will leave less of a mess around the house.

The squeakers are extremely resistant, so your dogs can chew on them for as long as they want. Also, even if your pet punctures a squeaker, this will continue squeaking to their joy (perhaps less so yours). 



  • Strong binding
  • Durable seams
  • Available in multiple sizes



  • Some stronger dogs can destroy it in time
  • The exterior cover can be destroyed more easily


9. West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Durable Dog Bone

West Paw design Zogoflex hurley dog bone


Ideal for: Dog breeds of all sizes 


This bone-shaped chew toy is both floatable and bounceable, making it the perfect option for land and water use alike. 

The BPA- and Phthalate-free bone is designed to last and survive even power chewers. It is also non-toxic and FDA-approved. 

This company is so sure of their product’s quality, that they provide a 100% guarantee against dog damage.



  • Doesn’t get grimy from dog’s mouth
  • Safer and gentler than rawhide bones
  • Available in three sizes – miniature, small, large 
  • Made in the USA
  • Dishwasher-safe and recyclable 



  • Not a good option for a tough dog – for example Pitbulls
  • Not recommended for night time chompers


8. MultiPet Duckworth Duck

MultiPet Duckworth duck 13 inch large


Ideal for:

  • Larger-sized dogs
  • Dogs with a lot of energy


This super soft and fuzzy dog toy is perfect for larger dogs – but it can still be used by and with pets of all sizes. 

This adorable duck toy is plush-filled and also contains a squeaker. It will help keep your dog entertained for hours of play and also put a smile on their faces. 



  • Large size
  • Soft and fuzzy
  • Provides hours of entertainment
  • Duck shaped toy perfect for tossing and playing around with 



  • Might lose its fuzz quite easily 
  • Its fibers can cause nasal itching


7. Ethical Pets Play Strong Virtually Indestructible Rubber “S” Dog Bone Toy

Rubber S bone dog toy indestructible


Ideal for:

  • Active dogs who love to fetch or play in the water
  • Heavy chewers


This heavyweight, 12-inch, rubber, S-shaped dog bone toy is perfect for dogs of any size.

The center of the bone is hollow, so you can keep your furry little one entertained for hours by stuffing in their favorite treats, peanut butter, or dog food.

This is one of the best indestructible dog toys for a tough dog that loves chewing. It is made from a unique, durable rubber and TPR formulation.



  • Heavyweight
  • Hollow – so you can stuff it with whatever your dog desires 
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Great for fetching and floats on water 



  • Some large dogs can chew off pieces – beware choking hazards 


Attention! Larger breeds should be supervised when they are playing around with this toy!


6. Outward Hound Snake Durable Tough Plush Dog Squeaky Toy

Plush Snake durable dog toy without stuffing


Ideal for: Tough chewers of all sizes


This snake dog toy is ideal for a slithery fine time. It comes with an added seam reinforcement that is sure to guarantee longer play hours without any tears.

This snake toy does not contain any stuffing, so it is virtually mess-free. So even if the exterior suffers tears or punctures, you shouldn’t see any traces of this around the house. 

Also, while your dog can play with it on its own, you can also use this snakey toy to play together – think tug-of-war!



  • Double seamed reinforcement
  • Comes in three color options
  • Built with Dura-Tuff inner lining



  • Not bulky because there’s no stuffing


5. KONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toy

KONG Jumbler ball dog toy extra large


Ideal for: Dogs who enjoy interactive fun


This KONG Jumbler Ball will sure entice and provide your pet with hours of fun. The toy contains a tennis ball inside and it is both an indestructible and an interactive dog toy. 

Its handles make picking up and handling the KONG ball dog toy that much easier for the owners and their furry friends alike.

This is a fun and fantastic choice and generally, one of the best indestructible dog toys that are sure to provide hours of play for dogs of any size.



  • Easy to handle
  • Multiple layers
  • Noisemaker – contains a squeaker 
  • Comes in two sizes and colors



  • Some aggressive dogs have been able to rip off small pieces of the outer layer


4. Snug Rubber Dog Balls, 3 Pack

Snug rubber dog balls indestructible


Ideal for: 


With this indestructible dog toy, you can play in the park, in your backyard, or even in a pool. 

This dog toy ball is perfect for fetch, and a lot of other run and retrieve games.

One of the main features of these dog ball toy is that it floats on water. It is also very easy to clean.

Did we mention that this dog toy ball is made of BPA-free material? We did now, so you can rest assured that your best friend won’t get sick from playing with it. 



  • Comes in packs 
  • 100% all-natural rubber
  • BPA-free
  • Bright, fun colors that will attract a pet’s attention 
  • Easy to clean and handle



  • Can pose choking hazards to large dogs


3. KONG Cozies Dog Squeaky Toy

KONG Cozies dog squeaky toy moose model


Ideal for:

  • Dogs of all sizes
  • Short chewing sessions


This soft and cuddly plush toy is ideal for games of fetch. Also, with ten designs to choose from, your dog will surely find the right furry friend to use as a comfort toy.

Each cute Cozie character is bright and soft, and, in order to minimize mess, not overstuffed.

Also, while it is not meant for long chewing session, it can withstand the occasional chews as it has an extra layer of material. 



  • Minimal stuffing to avoid spillage
  • Soft and fuzzy
  • Ten designs to choose from
  • Bright colors
  • Extremely lightweight



  • Not ideal for overnight chewers
  • Not ideal for long chewing sessions


2. Goughnuts – Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX

Goughnuts Indestructible chew toy MAXX power stick


Ideal for: Very large dogs


The Goughnuts Maxx dog toy is one of the best indestructible dog toys for very large dogs.

This stick toy measures 11.2 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches and weighs 1.3 lbs.

One of its main features is that it floats, which means you can use it for both land and water playtime.  

The chew toy comes with a patented Chew Toy Safety Indicator, so you know exactly when to take the toy away from your fuzz friend.

Also, you can use this durable rubber toy for teething puppies too. 



  • Comes in two shapes
  • Heavy-duty
  • Heavyweight
  • Made in the USA



  • Older dogs might not be able to use it 
  • Heavy chewers might destroy it faster than expected 


1. Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Chew Toy

Benebone bacon flavored wishbone chew toy medium size


Ideal for: Medium-sized dogs


This is one of the highest-rated and generally, one of the best indestructible dog toys you could get for your pet.

Its curved wishbone shape will let your dogs pop-up each end, for a more satisfying chewing session. 

Their deep grooves allow dogs to get a good bite full of scent and bacon flavor out of this Benebone dog chew toy.



  • Shaped for maximum fun and flavor
  • Made with 100% bacon and super-strong nylon, to provide a longer chewing experience
  • Deep grooves burst with flavor at every bite
  • Larger surface area 
  • Made in the USA 




Attention! The Benebones are not edible and relatively hard, so take a look at the producer’s safety page and supervise your dogs as they are playing with them!




Whether you are looking for a ball, a fluffy, stuffed toy, or a solid toy for all-day play, you are sure to find the perfect combination in this list of great indestructible dog toys.

Tasty, fuzzy, and BPA-free, these dog chew toys will offer you and your furry friend a quality time to remember.


Make sure to suggest all the other best indestructible dog toys that you know of in a comment down below!


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