Without a doubt, cats are a very meticulous type of animal.

These stealth creatures often desire a challenge, which is why interactive cat toys are the perfect option.

You can purchase these puzzle-like toys to keep your cat’s mind busy learning.

Here is a list of top interactive cat toys you can choose from.

The items have been selected based on user reviews and ratings.

9. PetSafe FUNKitty Egg Cersizer

PetSafe FUNKitty egg cersizer meal dispenser

Ideal for: Cats that are less active

If you are looking for a toy that gets your cat up and moving, then you are in luck.

This treat dispensing toy is perfect for encouraging play time for your furry friend.


  • This toy is perfect for regulating a cat’s diet
  • You have the ability to adjust the food output while increasing exercise
  • This product is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning


  • The adjustment settings seem to be too large for some cat food brands

8. Pet Fit for Life: 2 Feather Teaser

Pet Fit for Life 2 feather teaser and exerciser

Ideal for: Cats who love to try catching things

This interactive wand is a safe and reliable toy for continuous fun. You can use the wand to entice your kitty to catch the feathers – or at least try!


  • This wand is 33-inches, which is twice as long as most wands available elsewhere
  • The wand comes apart easily for storage purposes
  • The feather ends are interchangeable, and come with six different options
  • The soft foam grips ensure your hands do not tire during play


  • This toy does not work well for solitary play – humans must be involved as well

7. Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

Bergan turbo scratcher cat toy with ball included

Ideal for: Active and energetic cats

This turbo scratcher cat toy is designed to provide your cat with hours of fun.

Your cat will spend hours trying to catch the ball through nudging and scratching.

The ball continuously loops around the circular base.


  • This is an excellent choice for cats who like to play a lot
  • This interactive cat toy is designed to keep your cat busy for hours


  • Some customers report that their toy had excess glue along the top surface

6. Pet Zone Fly by Spinner

Pet Zone Fly by Spinner cat toy

Ideal for: Cats who are active

The Pet Zone Fly by Spinner is a toy that is cat-approved.

This toy has a lifelike butterfly on top, that is irresistible to cats, and keeps them guessing during hours of play.


  • This toy does not require humans for play — you only need to turn it on and watch it go!
  • Cats love the spinning action, which works to stimulate their natural instinct and desire to catch things
  • The butterfly is extremely lifelike and makes sounds and flutters for endless entertainment


  • Some owners report that the base is too small to support the butterfly during rough play

5. PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy

PetSafe bolt interactive laser cat toy automatic play

Ideal for: Kittens and cats of all ages and sizes

This laser cat toy by PetSafe is the perfect entertainment for your cat.

This item works for 15-minute intervals, providing a 5mW power output that generates red laser patterns for your cat to catch.


  • This laser toy is battery-operated, so it can be placed on flat surfaces or held in your hand during play time
  • This toy works to encourage a healthy lifestyle by getting your cat up and moving, as they attempt to catch the laser patterns


  • Does not work for long play periods

4. Pawaboo Pet Teasing Toy

Pawaboo Pet teasing toy hide and seek

Ideal for: All cats

This pet teaser toy by Pawaboo is perfect for endless fun!

Your cat will go crazy trying to catch the electronic mouse as it dips up and down around the circle!


  • This toy is battery-operated and made of extremely durable materials
  • The mouse does not move around continuously. Instead, it starts, reverses, and moves in a completely random pattern
  • Additionally, this item is made with quiet track technology, making it noise-free during operation


  • Cats can get bored from never catching the mouse

3. Trixie Pet Products

TRIXIE pet products 5 in 1 activity center

Ideal for: Cats with some puzzle-solving experience

This cat table comes complete with five individual cat activities that are sure to keep your cat engaged for puzzle-solving fun.

This interactive toy lets you hide treats throughout, which works to encourage longer play.


  • This activity table contains five different games that are sure to keep your cat’s mind engaged and learning
  • This toy works to stimulate the mind while encouraging physical activity, which is reinforced by periodic treats


  • Some cats may be too large to use the bowl game

2. Tumbler Laser Interactive Cat Toys

Tumbler laser interactive 3 in 1 cat toys

Ideal for: All types of cats

This battery-powered cat toy works great for keeping your cat’s body and mind busy.

The brilliant colors, textures, and movements are sure to keep your cat entertained for endless play.


  • This toy is extremely easy to use. It contains an irregular rotation, which keeps your cat guessing
  • The long ears and playful expression are sure to keep your cat busy
  • You can put food or treats inside, so food pops out periodically to keep your cat interested


  • This toy only works for up to 10 minutes at a time

1. PetSafe Pounce Pet Toy

PetSafe Pounce automatic Pet Toy

Ideal for: Cats who love the chase!

The pounce pet toy by PetSafe is a toy that is automatically activated to encourage your cat’s interaction.

The random movements keep your cat guessing and trying for more, which is why it’s at the top of our list of interactive cat toys.


  • The mouse moves in random circular patterns around the base, so your cat cannot predict the pattern
  • This toy has four-speed settings to keep your cat entertained
  • This toy can run for 10-minute intervals, or you can turn it on and off manually


  • The mouse is not lifelike


Interactive cat toys are both fun and educational. You can keep your cat’s mind busy by playing and learning, all at the same time.

Any of these toys are perfect for showing your cat a trick or two.

If you have other interactive cat toys in mind, leave them in the comments down below.

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