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10 Best Large Dog Beds

When purchasing new large dog beds for your pet, you should focus on its comfort and durability. Large dog beds constructed with the highest quality materials and are designed with your pet’s comfort and happiness in mind are the ones that you should be considering. I have provided ten different options that might be the right dog bed for your best friend.

Good large dog beds provide comfort that improves your pet’s health in the long run. Make sure that you check what size the large dog beds are suitable for, the materials used in their construction, what material the beds are stuffed with, whether they are durable, and whether they are machine washable. Here are ten large dog beds that will provide all the comfort for your best friends needs.

10. American Kennel Club Memory Foam Sofa Pet Bed

American Kennel club memory foam sofa pet bed for dogs

Ideal for: Small and medium dog breeds

The American Kennel Club memory foam dog bed consists of a supportive memory foam material that is ultra-plush. It is made from materials that are recycled and eco-friendly. A non-skid bottom helps prevent sliding when placed on a hardwood floor.


  • Made of a supportive memory foam material
  • Constructed of recycled materials that are eco-friendly


  • Bed is suctioned in plastic on delivery
  • Shipped rolled up stopping the sides from sitting up

9. American Kennel Club Casablanca Pet Bed

American Kennel club Casablanca pet bed for dogs

Ideal for: Medium sized dogs

The American Kennel Club Casablanca dog bed is soft and cozy for your pet. It is made with 100% polyester material that you can machine wash. It is round and a little smaller than other dog beds in this top ten list. You can wash it at a cooler temperature, and it is made of a soft material while also being cozy for your best friend.


  • Made by American Kennel Club
  • 22” x 6” round in shape
  • 100% polyester material


  • Product should not state that it is for large dogs
  • Material seems cheap
  • Easy for a dog to rip it open

8. Furhaven Pet Deluxe Orthopedic Mattress

Furhaven Pet Deluxe orthopedic mattress for dogs

Ideal for: Dogs that suffers from arthritis and other health problems

The Furhaven Pet Ultra orthopedic mattress pet bed promotes your dog’s health by supporting joints and soothing pressure points for a more restorative and deeper sleep. The surface is soft and comfy for your pet. Being an orthopedic mattress, it can improve your dog’s health, especially arthritis. And the material from which is made helps protect your furniture and floor from fur, dirt, and dander.


  • Orthopedic dog bed
  • Promotes better health


  • Poor quality
  • It is completely flattened in a matter of days
  • The foam loses support quickly

7. Petmaker PAW Memory Foam Dog Bed

Petmaker PAW memory foam dog bed

Ideal for: Older dogs that need more cushioning

The Petmaker PAW memory foam dog bed has 2 inches of memory foam and 2 inches of orthopedic memory foam. A removable cover made of durable brushed suede has a nonskid backing, so it doesn’t slide around. And what’s best is that it has a wrap-around zipper for easy removal.


  • Duplex foam construction
  • 2” of both memory foam and orthopedic memory foam


  • Can easily be damaged by pets nails
  • Shipped folded up and rolled into a small ball

6. PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed

PetFusion Ultimate pet bed for dogs

Ideal for: Dogs that like soft support while sleeping

The PetFusion Ultimate pet bed has 4” memory foam for great overall comfort. The removable cover is easy to clean. A 12-month warranty covers parts broken due to manufacturer defect. It can withhold dogs up to 100 pounds, it’s easily assembled and, what’s best, its cover is machine washable.


  • Premium components like a 4” memory foam base
  • Provides optimal comfort and support


  • Cover is water resistant not waterproof
  • Can rip in a short period of time

5. OxGord Orthopedic Pet Bed

OxGord orthopedic pet bed fordogs

Ideal for: Dogs that sleep inside a dog cage

The OxGord orthopedic bed uses memory foam and is built to be used in a dog cage. The plush fur surface is warm while still being breathable. The foam padding is comfortable leading to better rest for your dog. It is square and will fit perfectly into a cage of the right size. Your dog will be thankful because, with better rest, he will benefit of a better health.


  • Memory foam orthopedic dog bed
  • Made to fit in a dog cage


  • Very thin and doesn’t offer enough support
  • Zipper breaks easily

4. HappyCare Textiles Reversible Rectangle Pet Bed

HappyCare Textiles reversable rectangle pet bed

Ideal for: Dogs that prefer a firmer support

The HappyCare Textiles reversible rectangle pet bed has a bulky filling for comfort. It is machine washable and reversible allowing you to use either side. The color blends in with almost any décor in your house. If you have a smaller dog breed, then this dog bed will be its ideal sleeping place, especially with the cute dog paw embroidery.


  • Reversible
  • Can be washed in the washing machine


  • Shipped with opening in the seam
  • Rips easily from minimal use

3. Dog Bed King Cuddler

Dog bed King Cuddler with washable covers

Ideal for: Very large dogs

The Dog Bed King Cuddler is perfect for dogs up to 120 lbs. Cleaning with a machine washable cover is easy. A solid foam collar matches your pets sleeping position creating a comfortable spot to sleep. It can withstand up to 120 pounds of weight, which means that it can accustom either a big, heavy dog breed or multiple puppies.


  • Fits pets up to 120 lbs
  • Easy to clean with a cover that is machine washable
  • Manufacturing within the USA


  • Thin foam with a scratchy cover
  • Not as big as advertised

2. BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

BarksBar grey orthopedic dog bed

Ideal for: Large dog breeds

The BarksBar gray orthopedic bed is great for large dogs or multiple smaller dogs. Crafting with premium materials ensures great long-term quality. The bed includes a non-slip bottom to prevent any sliding. The quilted design makes it fit for a multitude of décors.


  • Can easily hold dogs weighing 100 lbs
  • Good workmanship and premium materials


  • Material the dog lays on is thin
  • Dogs can easily tear holes in this product

1. Big Barker 7” Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Big Barker 7 inchi pillow top orthopedic dog bed

Ideal for: Heavy and active dogs

The Big Barker 7” pillow top orthopedic dog bed was constructed for bigger dogs. It comes with a ten-year guarantee stating that the foam will remain at 90% of its original shape for up to 10 years. You can wash it in your washing machine, and it can perfectly fit dogs that are big & heavy.


  • Specially made for bigger dogs
  • 10-year guarantee that the foam will keep 90% of its original shape


  • Material seems to be hot for a dog
  • Material rips due to the washer


There are many large dog beds available that offer different levels of comfort for your pet. We here offer an overview of the best dog beds that offer both reliable and orthopedic comfort for your furry best friend. Of course, when they wake up, they’re full of energy. So, especially for large dog breeds, here are some of the most durable dog toys that you should consider.

Give us your opinion on the products we have reviewed and let us know if there are other products that you have found to be good choices.

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