We’ve talked leashes, so now it’s time to discuss and discover the best dog collars!

But before getting one, you need to consider your pet’s size and personality.

The huge variety of products on the market can be overwhelming, so we compiled a list of top options that covers any situation and dogs of all sizes and pulling persuasions.

All these collars have great features and come with a short list of pros and cons.

Multiple verified customer opinions were also taken into account during our search for the most reliable collars, ones that are both durable and comfortable for your pet.

9. PUPTECK Basic Nylon Adjustable Dog Collar with ID Tag

Pupteck Basic nylon adjustable dog collar

Ideal for: Puppies and Young Dogs that need adjustable collars

This Pupteck Basic collar comes in four sizes, all of which are fully adjustable within their range.

Your pet will love this collar, as it is very comfortable. Adjustability makes this one of the best dog collars for puppies or young dogs that are still growing.

The collar also comes in seven colors to match any dog’s personality and has a customizable ID tag.

Bow WOW:

  • Both light and sturdy
  • Customizable ID tag


  • Collar gets frayed after a few months

8. Blueberry Pet Multi-Colored Dog Collars

Blueberry Pet multi colored leather stripe dog collar

Ideal for: Medium-Sized Dogs with Sensitive skin

The Blueberry Pet collar is ideal for stylish dogs with necks between 12 and 22 inches big.

Although a bit on the expensive side, the high-quality material, a blend of genuine leather and polyester webbing, and the unique colors make this collar worth the investment.

The material is also highly reflective for some added safety.

Bow WOW:

  • The collar does not lose its shape in the water
  • Does not irritate sensitive skin
  • Made of high-quality materials


  • The D-rings are noisy when the dog shakes

7. Kurgo Atomic Drop Waterproof Muck Collar

Kurgo Muck dog collar with bottle opener

Ideal for:

  • Outdoorsy dogs
  • Pullers and chewers

This Kurgo Muck model is one of the best dog collars for outdoor adventures.

Coming in three adjustable sizes, the small fits 10 inches, and the large fits up to 25 inches.

Tough and sturdy, this collar is suited for active dogs and pullers, like terriers. It also comes with a bottle opener attachment.

Bow WOW:

  • Safe 1-inch width
  • Sturdy
  • Odor-free and waterproof


  • Bottle opener feature can be bulky
  • The sizes are not widely adjustable

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6. Max and Neo Reflective Metal Buckle Dog Collar

Max and Neo MAX reflective metal buckle dog collar

Ideal for:

  • Dogs who chew their collars
  • Night walking

This Max and Neo Reflective Collar comes with a lifetime warranty that not only covers all material defects but also chewing by your dog.

Also, for every purchased Max and Neo Reflective collar, the company donates one to a dog rescue.

This is the best dog collar to buy not just for your dog, but for others still in shelters too.

Bow WOW:

  • Sturdy, well constructed
  • Bright, reflective stitching
  • Thick material


  • No overlap on sizes
  • When adjusted to be smaller, the end of the collar sticks out

5. Hamilton Double Thick Nylon Deluxe Dog Collar

Hamilton double thick nylon deluxe adjustable dog collar

Ideal for: Medium to Large Dogs, especially ones who are hard on their collars

This popular Hamilton collar comes in a staggering variety of colors and 8 sizes.

It is one of the best dog collars for large to medium-sized dogs.

The smallest size is 18”, which is suitable for a dog with a 16” neck.

It’s good to know that the length includes the buckle. Customers report that the collar is sturdy enough to last even the pull of large dogs.

Bow WOW:

  • Very strong material for large dogs
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Sturdy and resistant


  • The sizing can be confusing

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4. AOLOVE Classic Padded Leather Pet Collar

Aolove Basic padded leather pet collar for dogs

Ideal for: Smaller dogs or Puppies who like to escape from their collars

This adorable collar is perfect for smaller dogs, puppies, and even cats.

Customers were impressed with its elegant packaging and the appealing look.

Also, the buckle is more secure than the traditional snap closure to fit dogs with a Houdini streak.

Bow WOW:

  • Classic, stylish look
  • Not too wide or bulky for a small dog – perfect size
  • Padded for comfort


  • Customers reported that the material did not look like real leather

3. Dazzber Martingale Dog Collar

Dazzber Martingale durable dog collar

Ideal for: Large or Small Dogs that pull on their leashes

Martingale style models are among the best dog collars that prevent pulling on the leash.

While many collars for pulling are made of intimidating chains, this one looks just like a regular collar.

Thus, you won’t have to worry that your dog looks aggressive.

Bow WOW:

  • No intimidating chain or metal fixtures
  • Made of seatbelt material: polyester industrial filament
  • Escape-proof


  • Some complaints that the material was not sturdy enough

2. Weaver Leather Nylon Prism Snap-N-Go Pet Collar

Weaver Prism Snap n' Go dog collar

Ideal for: Small to Medium-Sized Dogs who like to explore

This Weaver Prism model comes in varying widths to fit dogs of various sizes.

Thus, small dogs won’t have to wear uncomfortably wide collars, nor large dogs restraining small ones.

Also, the neon-colored collars make it easier to spot your dogs, especially if they are the explorer type.

Bow WOW:

  • Various widths and sizes
  • Long-lasting
  • Vibrant and unique colors


  • The colors may bleed
  • Customers reported sizing inaccuracies

1. GoTags Personalized, Custom Embroidered ID Dog Collar

GoTages Personalized embroidered ID dog collar

Ideal for: Frequent escapees of all sizes

Available in 4 adjustable sizes, this collar is well-known for its durability and comfort.

You’ll never have to worry about a rambunctious dog breaking an ID attachment again with this customizable collar.

Bow WOW:

  • Tough nylon material
  • Easily legible contact information for lost dogs
  • Wide variety of sizes, collar colors, and stitching colors


  • Limited adjustability to keep ID info legible
  • Some customers reported that the collar slipped off when their dogs pulled


The collars are all high-quality options that will fit a variety of different dogs with different tricks and quirks.

Let us know what you think of the list and especially if you’ve used any of these before.

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