While dogs make excellent pets, they can get in the way when you are busy doing other important things. As such, it is important to create comfortable spaces where they can play as you carry on with your activities, so go for one of the best dog gates you can get!

Dog gates have always come in handy for most pet owners, as they help block off the pets from particular areas.

However, with numerous brands in the market, it can be overwhelming to find the best dog gates for your pet and its needs.

In the following, you can find some of the best dog gates in the market based on their ratings and reviews.

The top includes dog gates for stairs or wide openings, as well as walk through and freestanding pet gates for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

10. North Gates Wire Mesh

North Gates MyPet wire mesh dog gate

Ideal for: Medium to large-sized dogs

Made of a wooden frame and with vinyl-coated wire mesh panels, the North Gate model also ranks among the cheapest but best dog gates.

The gate comes fitted with an anti-scratch rubber to prevent dogs from destroying the surface.


  • With the wide mesh wire panels, your pet won’t feel left out
  • Incredibly low-priced
  • Anti-scratch rubber


  • Does not come fitted with bells and whistles like other gates
  • Slow opening

9. Carlson with an Extra Wide Walk Thru Gate with Pet Door

Carlson with an extra wide walk thru gate with pet door dog gate

Ideal for: Tall Dogs / Jumpers

The versatile all-steel constructed unit is designed to add safety and security to your home.

It comes with a pressure mounted installation system, so you don’t have to poke holes on your wall.

The gate has a large door fitted with one-touch release handle for large pets and a separate 10” by 7” opening for small pets.

Carlson Extra Wide gate expands from 29 to 44 inches to fit in broad stairways and doors.


  • Convenient design that allows users to walk through by lifting the lever handle and sliding the red safety lock
  • It’s tall and heavy-duty
  • Has an extension to create wider doorways
  • Perfect for people keeping both dogs and cats


  • The gate opening is pretty thin for getting bulky items in and out of the room
  • The small opening can be pushed out

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8. Arf Pets Free Standing Wood Gate

Arf Pets free standing wood dog gate

Ideal for: Medium-sized dogs

The Arf Pets wood gate comes with four foldable interconnecting panels to block off selected areas of a home.

The panels can also be connected to make an enclosed playpen for dogs.

It features an unlatched gate so that both adults and pets can gain entry into the pen.


  • Extremely tight hinges
  • Has supporting feet to improve balance
  • You can connect the panels


  • Does not have mounts
  • Wide-spaced panels that allow small dogs to push through

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7. Heavy Duty Easy Open Walk

Weebo Pets heavy duty easy open dog gate

Ideal for: Pets (and good for children too)

This pressure-mounted dog gate features a sturdy steel construction that is chew-proof and scratch-proof.

It is durable and allows a single-hand opening.

The gate is 30 inches tall and highly effective in keeping your dog contained and protected.


  • Allows easy customization and fixing
  • Has a pressure-mounted opening
  • You can open it with just one hand


  • The frames are pretty fragile as any bend causes damage
  • It is not ideal for large breeds

6. Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate (Medium)

Richell Wood freestanting gate medium size

Ideal for: Dogs weighing 6.5 to 17.5 lbs

Designed to fit doorway openings as wide as 71.3 inches, the free-standing pet gate is perfect for small, hyperactive dogs.

The gate comes in a unique autumn matte finish to match a wooden décor.

It features a side panel design to avoid tipping over, and the side panels have a folding mechanism for easy storage.


  • Its low height allows users to step-over the gate
  • Fitted with rubber feet to protect the floor from scratches
  • It is durable as it is made from rubberwood, which is pretty attractive
  • It’s freestanding, hence no need to poke into walls


  • Big dogs may jump over shorter gates and move them
  • The feet stick out and can be a tripping hazard

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5. Regalo Super Wide Gate

Regalo Super wide dog gate

Ideal for: Small dogs / Puppies

This Regalo Super Wide model features among the best dog gates.

With a remarkable width of 192 inches, it is perfect for blocking off large spaces.

The eight removable panels can be configured to different designs and shapes to fit the user’s needs.

For example, homeowners can easily convert it into a small play yard.


  • Its vast width makes it incredibly versatile
  • Useful in blocking out large spaces
  • Can be made to fit your needs


  • Its set up may be challenging

4. Command Wall Mounted Custom Fit Gate

Command wall mounted gate for dogs

Ideal for: Large dogs

Used in hallways, room openings, and staircases, the Command Wall Mounted Custom Fit gate features a simple one-hand function and quick-release removal.

It has a two-way door design with a directional stop that allows users to decide which way the door opens.

The hinge side hardware lets users mount the gate on angled surfaces while its steel construction with a non-toxic white coat ensures its durability.


  • Users can put it up at an angle, and it doesn’t have to be mounted permanently
  • Closes firmly and holds together well
  • Comes with extensions that enlarge the gate width to 47.5 inches


  • The opening and closing mechanism may prove difficult to master

3. Richell Pet Sitter Dog Gate

Richell adjustable pet sitter dog gate

Ideal for: Dogs weighing 6.5-17.5 lbs

Made of high-quality metal and wood construction to ensure durability, the Richell Pet Sitter dog gate is double hitched to allow users to open in both directions.

It fits doorways with widths of up to 28.3-41.3 inches and comes with rubber skid bottoms to avoid scratching the surface.


  • Uses a tension-mount design that allows easy installation on the doorway
  • Low height for users to step over


  • Intended for small pets only

2. The Design Studio Walk-through Gate

The Design Studio walk through gate for dogs

Ideal for: Small dogs

Measuring only 30″ by 37,” the Design Studio gate is specially designed for small dogs.

It is made from high-quality cherry wood and steel frames that are coated with chew proof features, which make it one of the best dog gates on the market.


  • Sturdy build
  • Easy to set up
  • Chew-proof steel frame


  • Ideal for small dogs only
  • Has a weak push button

1. Best Dog Gates – Majestic Pet Universal Free Standing Pet Gate

Majestic pet universal free standing dog gate

Ideal for: Dogs of all sizes / Jumpers

Constructed using solid-wood, the Majestic gate provides a durable and versatile dog gate alternative.

It features double joint hinges that allow it to adopt a Z-shape or C-shape configuration.

As the name suggests, it is a freestanding gate, thus ready to use out of the box.

The folding system allows easy storage and transportation while the small 1.25-inch gaps keep even the tiniest pets confined in the space.


  • Rust-resistant and weatherproof
  • Fitted with heavy-duty wire for additional durability
  • The double hinges allow users to customize it to their preference


  • A little pricey, though its durable construction and attractive design make it worth it


This review of the best dog gates should help any homeowner who is looking for a quality dog gate.

It provides a comprehensive guide regarding the styles, types, and design that will meet your needs and preferences.

Do you have a favorite dog gate or playpen that is not on our list? Let us know in the form below! Your feedback is important to us!

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